Get Pay Right™ - EP 5:

Compensation Beyond Cash

Welcome to the Get Pay Right Podcast! In this episode, host Kevin Plunkett welcomes Greg Wolf and Katie Stukowski of The pandemic has forced companies to be much more flexible in several key areas, including compensation, when it comes to attracting and retaining good people. Now more than ever, employees value other benefits that go well beyond cash.

May 2, 2022

[03:08 -04:58] Introduction

  • Welcome Greg Wolf and Katie Stukowski to the Get Pay Right podcast!
  • Today’s Topic: Compensation Beyond Cash


[08:23 -12:44] What Employees Want

  • Employees want to be evaluated based on the quality of their work, not the quantity. They also want to be trusted to do their job well and in a way that will positively impact the team.
  • A great employee will want to continuously learn and develop their skills, so an organization that supports that is critical. Support in their continuing education externally can help accomplish this.


[12:48 -24:59] Advantages to Companies Looking Beyond Cash

  • Companies will be able to retain their top talent and attract new individuals. This will help secure a foundation for long-term growth and success.
  • A company that does not solely focus on monetary issues can in fact open doors towards a healthy culture/mindset, which will spread quickly throughout the company.


[25:00 -43:10] Companies Getting it Right

  • If a company includes all levels of the organization in certain decision-making processes, it can be very insightful and at the same time create a team spirit.
  • Most people are capable of good ideas, not just top executives and managers.


[43:13 -46:00] Final Thoughts and Closing

  • Sit down when you have more time to really talk through everything that's going on, and how you need to be more nimble and flexible. Times are different, but the opportunities are even greater.
  • Thanks for listening!

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