Tarush Aggarwal – Using Infrastructure to Drive Value

Tarush Aggarwal – Using Infrastructure to Drive Value

Tarush Aggarwal has been at the forefront of HR data analytics since it gained recognition in 2011. He was Salesforce Analytics Team’s first data engineer and, later, got the opportunity to build up an international data team at WeWork that scaled up to over 100 people from its initial 5. He then moved to Shanghai and did it all again for our rapidly growing business in China. Along the way, he’s learned important lessons from personal experience on the best ways to grow a data team.

March 31, 2022

[0:00 - 5:29] Introduction

  • Welcome, Tarush!
  • Today’s Topic: Using HR Infrastructure to Drive Value

[5:30 - 10:20] What Prevents Companies From Developing In-house HR Capabilities?

  • Smaller HR data teams have a harder time leveraging the mature technology use by larger teams
  • When HR data needs to become business data

[10:21 - 19:54] Why Doesn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Solution Work For Everyone?

  • When one-size-fits-all misses the mark
  • Why one-size-fits-all might make sense for teams new to HR data

[19:55 - 25:19] Will Mergers and Acquisitions Lead To One-Size-Fits-All Being the Only Solution?

  • How some vendors offer flexibility in a hybrid-style solution
  • How vendors could improve HR infrastructure to fix complicated procedures

[25:20 - 27:24] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • What role will exciting new features play for vendors in the future?
  • Thanks for listening!

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