Bennett Sung – The Role Of AI In The Recruiting Process

Bennett Sung – The Role Of AI In The Recruiting Process

Included in’s Most Inclusive HR Influencer List, Bennett Sung has contributed to the success of industry-leading recruiting technology brands, including VirtualEdge, Jobscience, MightyRecruiter, Koru, AllyO, and now

In this episode, Bennett talks about AI’s current role in the recruiting process and the role it might play in the near future.

December 9, 2021

[0:00 – 5:23] Introduction

  • Welcome, Bennett Sung!
  • Today’s Topic: The Role of AI in Recruiting

[5:24 – 18:28] What’s Happening, Working, and Not Working in Recruiting Presently?

  • The recruiting process hasn’t actually changed since the 1950’s
  • Why haven’t we build a platform that aggregates the data points needed for job application?

[18:29 – 25:49] Conversational AI in the World of Recruiting

  • Chat bots and the benefits they introduce to applicants
  • Why aren’t companies using big data to gather information about their applicants?

[25:50 – 32:30] How Is AI Being Used in the Interview Stage?

  • AI can now gather data from inside interviews
  • Regressing data against candidate success

[32:31 – 36:21] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • Start the candidate journey with a conversation
  • Thank you for listening!

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