Kevin Campbell – Program Measurement and Evaluation: Lean Times Ahead for HR

Kevin Campbell – Program Measurement and Evaluation: Lean Times Ahead for HR

Kevin Campbell, employee experience scientist with Qualtrics, is back again for another fascinating discussion with David and Dwight! Kevin creates and implements plans for strategic positioning with company executives and high-level leaders with the goal of improving the employee experience. Prior to his current role at Qualtrics, Kevin served as a Lead People Scientist for Culture Amp where he helped organizations like Airbnb, Palo Alto Networks, and ServiceNow reinvent and optimize their performance management and employee engagement initiatives.

In this episode, Kevin talks about program evaluation and program effectiveness.

August 4, 2022

[0:00 - 4:31] Introduction

  • Welcome, Kevin!
  • Today’s Topic: Program Evaluation and Program Effectiveness


[4:32 - 12:58] How current HR program spending trends came to be

  • The importance of measure outcomes and not only completion
  • Recognizing what needs to be accomplished with a program


[12:59 - 25:31] How can we improve surveys for better qualitative data?

  • Daily surveys that we take as consumers vs surveys that we take at work
  • Lessons that HR can learn from the customer experience department


[25:32 - 35:03] How can we harness unstructured data to measure the employee experience?

  • Employees sharing their experience outside of work and on social media
  • The importance of truly randomized, AB testing


[35:04 - 36:37] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • If you organization needs to make cuts to HR, better it be your program than you
  • Thanks for listening!
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