War for Talent: Recruiting Resources to Deliver the Right Offer

by Connor Harrison - August 14, 2018
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In the War for Talent, hiring a top candidate means putting a fair, competitive salary on the table. “Delivering the right offer” is a meticulous process, and competing businesses know how to play the game. Our CompAnalyst platform for small and medium businesses and enterprises provides easy-to-use functions that will make you confident in your compensation strategy. In this round-up, we’ve compiled a variety of recruiting resources that address pain points in recruitment today, and how our platform can help you meet those challenges.

Here are 5 recruiting resources that can help your organization deliver the right offer:

1) Pay Equity, Pay Transparency, and Fair Pay

Pay Equity is one of the most significant topics in compensation. As companies work to close the gender pay gap, businesses that don’t take pay equity initiatives seriously will not be taken seriously by the evolving workforce. Check out Aptitude Research Partners’ white paper on the power of pay equity and Lighthouse Research & Advisory’s trends and best practices in pay transparency.

2) Case Study: Compensation Beacon Takes CHRISTUS Health’s Enterprise Pay practices to New Heights

For those HR professionals within larger businesses and enterprises, you may be interested in learning how a 30,000+ employee healthcare system used CompAnalyst to address challenges with job pricing and pay transparency.

3) White Paper: Navigating the Challenges of Creating Salary Structures

When deciding on the exact offer for a candidate, it’s advisable to consider the job in the context of salary structures. Your organization’s salary groupings depend heavily on overall business strategy and goals – opening up plenty of unique challenges and concerns.

Review this white paper to learn how a cloud-based platform like CompAnalyst can make the process of creating and updating salary structures far more efficient.

4) Checklist: Don’t Give Recruits a Reason to turn down your Offer

Top candidates are off the market in 8-10 days, but it takes around 30 days for businesses to get an offer out. In order to get a competitive offer out as quickly as possible, recruiters should optimize relationships with fellow team members, managers, and compensation professionals.

Check out our checklist for a full run-down on what steps recruiters can take to get offers out faster.

5) Blog: War for Talent: Are Winners Quitting Their Jobs?

One aspect of the War for Talent that is particularly stunning is that workers are in a great position to quit their jobs and seek better compensation. In fact, in May 2018, about 1 in 7 jobless Americans were voluntarily unemployed.

Check out our blog for a more in-depth look on why more employees are quitting their jobs in this economy.

Total Compensation Package Example

Download a sample compensation package statement to see how best-in-class organizations are presenting the total value of their rewards packages to their employees.

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