Changing the Game: Top HR Technology Trends in 2023

Written by David Turetsky

May 29, 2020

Changing the Game Top HR Technology Trends in 2023 Hero

Careers in human resources cover more than just hiring and looking for talent. Much of their work deals with people. HR experts often work with leaders to know how to manage people effectively. To do this, they need to gather data from people for the process to be successful.


But as with all processes, the data they use should be dependable and correct. Data about people is broad. In addition, handling data is tough and there can be inconsistencies. But there are methods that can help beat this challenge.

What is People Analytics?

This process is also known as HR talent analytics. It uses data analysis involving worker issues. It helps explore the impact of issues on business goals. In addition, it can aid in assessing the projects of the HR team.

People analytics uses math, modeling, and statistics to data to predict trends about hiring and dealing with staff. This supplies insights into staff issues. It also helps assess retention efforts. In addition, data from this process can gauge which learning programs are working. It can also help HR experts grasp staff performance and productivity.

Ingredients for Success for People Analytics

A business aims to win in every initiative it takes. This is the same with people analytics. But with such a complex process, HR experts need to explore the process further. This involves knowing the aspects that can help in the success of the process. Here are the main elements to help succeed in people analytics.

Data Management and Data

The first main aspect of the success of people analytics includes data and data management. This means the process needs good-quality data and a robust way of handling data. This is the same with all other data analysis methods. The following aspects explain this further.

  1. Driven data engineering team – The success of any project depends on the people working on it. This goes the same with people analytics. A driven data engineering team should be on top of things to ensure the proper handling of data.
  1. Board data source – In people analytics, data holds power. Normally, teams rely on HR data as their main source. But in recent years, teams discovered other sources in addition to this. One of these ways is going out and talking to people. Opening a line of conversation can help gather data on current issues workers are facing.

People Analytics Capabilities

Aside from a driven team and reliable source of data, deep analytic ability is crucial. Also, the process requires the ability to explain a range of inputs. This means having the ability to bridge the gap between business leads and technical experts. It also needs effective ways to explain insights based on data.


Operating Models for People Analytics

There are a range of models that people analytics teams use. Over time, these models change depending on the needs of the business. This ensures teams stay ahead and have room for innovation.

Best Practices in People Analytics

People analytics teams are always on the lookout for ways to keep their data consistent. This can be tough but there are best practices that can help achieve it.

  1. Standardizing the collection of data– To achieve standard data, teams need to use the same approach for data gathering. Also, they need to know the same data field definitions for the entire process.
  1. Automating the collection of data– Data that is not consistent can be a result of human error. To avoid this, teams can choose to use automated tools to collect data. This approach lowers or removes the risk of human errors.
  1. Checking the quality of data– Aside from using correct data, it also needs to be of decent quality. Teams can achieve this by doing regular data checks. This means confirming data against its first source to ensure its correctness.
  1. Doing proper team training– The company must ensure that all the members of the team are on the same page. To achieve this, proper training in how to collect and manage data is necessary. This approach ensures that each member is using the same methods and knows the value of data consistency.


People analytics uses a wide range of data to find out issues that relate to employment. This process is a vital part to ensure that businesses know how to effectively manage their workers. Following these best practices and exploring details about the process can help HR experts be the best in people analytics.

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