Get Pay Right™ - EP 3:

Gender Pay Gap

Welcome to the Get Pay Right podcast! This episode explores the gender pay gap: why it exists and persists, as well as the steps your organization can start taking today to close it.

March 28, 2022

[01:09 -02:46] Introduction

  • Welcome Heather Bussing and Kim Borman to the Get Pay Right podcast
  • Today’s Topic: Gender Pay Gap


[07:40 -09:02] What are the drivers of the gender wage gap?

  • Women, particularly women of color, are not being promoted at the same rate as men
  • There are not a lot of promotions happening


[14:15 -17:02] What are the pros and cons to a company in doing a pay equity analysis?

  • You want to do it for compliance and the data is out there
  • You need to monitor pay equity on an ongoing basis


[26:45 -28:00] What should I do as a woman to make sure this doesn’t happen to me?

  • Look closely at where you are joining and make sure the company has a commitment to equal pay
  • See if the company has taken the pledge and join the Boston Women’s Workforce Council


[37:25 -38:44] Final Thoughts and Closing

  • We will see pay gap progress in the future, step by step
  • Thanks for listening!

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