Fred Wills – Lead Inclusively To Maximize Innovation And Equity

Fred Wills – Lead Inclusively To Maximize Innovation And Equity

Fred Wills is a thought leader on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), organizational development, culture and climate, and its impact on organizational performance, transformation, and change. He’s built a successful career which includes working for Mayo Clinic and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and he’s since channeled this experience into the foundation of Inclusiastic Consulting. He also brings international experience in organizational performance, community development, and capacity-building through his international development and aid efforts in Malawi, Africa. His current client base includes healthcare, tech, financial services, education, and government and non-profit sectors. In this episode, Fred talks about leadership and its relationship with DEI.

February 17, 2022

[0:00 – 5:56] Introduction

  • Welcome, Fred!
  • Today’s Topic: Leadership through a DEI lens


[5:57 – 22:10] Why Do So Many Organizations Struggle With DEI and What Characteristics Can They Adopt To Become More Equitable and Inclusive?

  • The four foundational attributes that help organizations implement the maturity model
  • How to measure these attributes to measure progress
  • Why HR might not (or might) be the best people to tackle an organization’s DEI issues


[22:11 – 33:53] How Can Leaders Step Up and Start Leading Inclusively?

  • Understanding that leaders set the tone and the accountabilities
  • How transparency leads to new processes
  • The need to have an structure equitable and inclusive system

[33:54 – 36:45] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • Look at how resources are being allocated
  • Thanks for listening!

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