Adriana DiNenno – Collaboration in HR Technology for You and Your Network’s Advantage

Adriana DiNenno – Collaboration in HR Technology for You and Your Network’s Advantage

Adriana DiNenno is a product manager for Infor People Solutions and has been with the company for 13 years. Day-to-day, she is a jack of all trades, working on a variety of applications within the HR Talent suite from Core HR to Health & Safety to Employee Relations.

About a year ago, Adriana founded a group at Infor called the “Infor People Wellbeing”. It’s an employee resource group that focuses on all dimensions of an employee’s wellbeing, from the mental to physical to emotional, etc. The group strives to create a safe environment at work. Adriana is also the co-chair of “Infor People Wellbeing”.

In this episode, Adriana talks about how collaboration in HR technology can be an advantage for you and your network.

May 19, 2022

[0:00 - 4:51] Introduction

  • Welcome, Adriana!
  • Today’s Topic: Advantages of collaboration in HR technology


[5:00 - 18:10] Helping others in the workforce

  • Understanding what’s going on behind the scenes of a recruiting platform
  • The importance of being a mentor for someone who needs help
  • How resume building has changed dramatically over the last few years


[18:22 - 23:04] Behavioral assessments for collaborations

  • Why you need to do a behavioral assessment—even if you don’t think you do!
  • How behavioral assessments yields insights for better coaching


[23:13 - 32:08] How teams and teamwork apply to HR and HR technology

  • Why knowing the strengths of your teammates can help you be a better worker
  • How modern technology has enabled collaboration


[32:17 - 33:46] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • Thanks for listening!
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