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Regulation S-K: What it is and Why you should listen to this NOW!

This episode is special as it focuses on a new regulation that revolutionizes how public companies report to the SEC. My guests are Dino Zincarini …

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Compensational Professionals and CCP Certification

Earning CCP Certification can be expensive and time-consuming, but often a worthwhile investment. Most compensation professionals view a CCP as a long-term investment that will …


FLSA Overtime Change Toolkit

Download our FLSA overtime toolkit to understand the impacts of these changes and learn about more actions you can take today to prepare for the …


Addressing Problems with Minimum Wage

Download our guide on Addressing Problems with Minimum Wage for key takeaways on how to solve minimum wage problems, and consider partnering with an experienced …

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Planning for New FLSA Overtime Rules

New Fair Labor Standards Act regulations are on the horizon and they have the potential to dramatically impact organizations, from operating budgets to staffing levels …

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5 Ways to Support Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Now more than ever, employees tend to have the upper hand when job hunting and employers find themselves going head-to-head with other noble competitors to …

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Iceland Pay Gap to Close by 2022

At the beginning of 2018, Iceland made it illegal to pay men more than women – and now they’re enforcing it. The law requires organizations …

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Your Guide to Salary History Laws by State and Locality

“What is your current salary?” While this question was a common feature of the interview process, and even expected in years past, it’s now prohibited …


Tips to Ensure Your Compensation Plan Meets HR Compliance

When it comes to designing, implementing, and administering a comprehensive compensation plan, it’s not just the employer and employee(s) who must agree that the arrangement …

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California Joins Growing List of States Banning Inquiries into Candidates’ Salary Histories

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 168, which prohibits employers from asking candidates about their salary history during the interview process. The …

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New Salary History Laws – Will Your Compensation Strategy Hold Up?

Delaware and Oregon just joined Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, New York City, California, and Philadelphia in addressing pay equity by enacting laws that prohibit employers from …

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Pay Transparency Laws and What They Mean for HR

Pay transparency lets employees talk about their compensation or the compensation of other employees without fear of retribution. While this idea is usually associated with …

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How Does Fair Pay Apply to Your Company?

If you’re in compensation, you’ve probably come across the widely reported 80% statistic (a woman makes 80% of what a man makes in the same …

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Federal Overtime Regulations and What They Mean for Your Company

Starting on December 1, 2016, employers across the country will have to contend with new federal overtime regulations, when the provisions to the Fair Labor …

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What Does the FLSA Mean for Your Organization Today?

Since its introduction in 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, has had a significant impact on the way we work. This landmark legislation …


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