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eBook: Why Excel is Not the Answer for Compensation Analytics

Excel has long been the tool used to analyze compensation practices and market price jobs. But did you know that using Excel could open up …


US and Canada Salary Budget Survey Results 2016-2017

What you need to know about planning accurate salary budgets for the upcoming year. It’s time to start thinking about your salary budgets for next …

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What’s New in CompAnalyst?

Introducing new CompAnalyst features that make it even easier to access and leverage the data insights you need to make strategic pay decisions. https://www2.salary.com/l/250572/2021-01-26/2nc1f5f

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CompAnalyst for Salary Structures and Merit Modeling

CompAnalyst for Salary Structures is a highly visual, intuitive solution for modeling cost scenarios. With this solution, you can analyze the impact of changes in …

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CompAnalyst Survey Management

The CompAnalyst Survey Management module allows you to analyze your third-party compensation surveys in a convenient, online repository. Now you can manage these large volumes …

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CompAnalyst Analytics

The CompAnalyst Reporting and Pay Analytics module enables quick, streamlined analysis of your internal pay practices against market rates. Ensure pay program competitiveness versus the …

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Companalyst Suite

CompAnalyst offers a complete set of flexible solutions that can be combined to help meet your organization’s specific compensation needs. With trusted, up-to-date market pricing on jobs, CompAnalyst helps you make better and smarter decisions about pay. Now you can eliminate risks, reduce costs and save time – all with a single, web-based system.

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CompAnalyst Market Data

CompAnalyst Market Data provides on-demand access to the most trusted source of compensation data so you can benchmark jobs easily and accurately using a single, web-based tool. Save time market pricing with a comprehensive database of 100% HR-reported market data, analyzed and updated monthly by our team of Certified Compensation Professionals.

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CompAnalyst Executive

CompAnalyst Executive is the leading executive compensation benchmarking tool. It combines a comprehensive data source with dynamic reporting features to make executive pay research fast and efficient. Instantly access data for all US public companies, compare pay practices and support executive pay strategies with ease.


HR’s Next Frontier: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Despite what some people may think, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just Alexa ordering replacement paper towels for you, or telling you she doesn’t understand what …


HR Technology Conference 2017: Now Is the Time to Invest in AI Technology

The 2017 HR Technology Conference and Exposition brought HR professionals and vendors together in Las Vegas to discuss what’s new and what’s next for the …


Do I Need a Custom Survey?

Before deciding whether to sponsor a custom compensation survey, there are several factors to consider. This guide will help you determine if a custom survey …


The Basics of Market Pricing a Job

It’s pop quiz time. You are in the process of pricing a job, can you tell me the value of an entry-level accounting role in …


Why Excel Is Not the Answer for Market Pricing

Excel has long been the go-to platform for managing compensation. After all, it’s free, available on almost every computer, and familiar to most people. It’s …


Top 5 HR Technology Trends to Consider

The world of HR – and the compensation branch in particular – is characterized by constant change. Each year, new trends, shifting priorities and technological …


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