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CompAnalyst Market Data: Smart Matches, Fast Prices, and New Insights

Accelerating compensation processes with an easy-to-use interface and the widest HR-reported data set available. The CompAnalyst Market Data platform is easier to use than ever …


SHRM18 Helped Us Expand Our World: 5 Important Takeaways

“I love this conference because it’s 22,000 people looking for the same thing: knowledge,” Jillian Marques, Director of HR at Salary.com Putting 'Human' Back in …


Customer Testimonials: How Our Product Assists HR Professionals

Salary.com has created and maintained the most expansive compensation database available to consumers and businesses worldwide. While we take a lot of pride in our …

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Our Top 5 Recommended SHRM18 Sessions

This year’s SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is around the corner, and we are just counting down the days. Held June 17-20 in Chicago, SHRM …

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Turn Data into Insights with CompAnalyst

How CompAnalyst transforms your compensation data into proactive insights to support the business strategies of your organization. Extend the power of compensation data beyond the …


Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in Your HR & Compensation Technology

To stay competitive, best-in-class organizations are now leveraging smart technologies like AI and machine learning to transform their comp processes.  In this program with WorldatWork, …


Salary Budget Survey: Fine-Tune Your Decision Making Around Pay

When the time rolls around to start planning for costs associated with salaries, it’s not uncommon for a stakeholder to ask, “what kind of budget …

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The Next Generation of Compensation Technology

CompAnalyst has integrated AI to empower your comp teams and improve employee engagement and retention AI and machine learning are game-changing predictive technologies, but are …


Buyer’s Guide to Human Resources AI Vendors

Five key questions to know before investing in AI for Human Resources. When considering an investment in AI-powered HR and compensation technologies, it's important to …


Everything You Need to Know About AI

Artificial intelligence is significantly altering how HR professionals work, how organizations measure and reward success, and how the right talent is matched to open roles. …

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Compensation Data and Analytics: Reimagined

CompAnalyst for Enterprise is built on input from hundreds of customers. We have now streamlined and refined our solution to help you better market price, …


Differences Between HR-Reported and Crowd-Sourced Compensation Data

To make intelligent decisions about the value of a job to your company, you need data from a range of sources. Formal compensation surveys (made …


Navigating the Challenges of Creating Salary Structures

Salary structures are a series of pay ranges that group together positions of similar internal and external worth. There is no right or wrong way …


Compensation Planning Checklist

Compensation planning is essential for any organization. In a time where attracting and retaining top talent is more difficult than ever, proactive compensation planning can …


Climbing the Compensation Maturity Curve

Knowing how important it is to continuously benchmark your current practices against top HR professionals, Salary.com has created a tool that helps you identify your organization’s place …


eBook: Why Excel is Not the Answer for Compensation Analytics

Excel has long been the tool used to analyze compensation practices and market price jobs. But did you know that using Excel could open up …


US and Canada Salary Budget Survey Results 2016-2017

What you need to know about planning accurate salary budgets for the upcoming year. It’s time to start thinking about your salary budgets for next …

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Data Sheet: What’s New in CompAnalyst?

Introducing new CompAnalyst features that make it even easier to access and leverage the data insights you need to make strategic pay decisions. https://www2.salary.com/l/250572/2021-01-26/2nc1f5f


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