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CompAnalyst Market Data: Smart Matches, Fast Prices, and New Insights

Accelerating compensation processes with an easy-to-use interface and the widest HR-reported data set available. The CompAnalyst Market Data platform is easier to use than ever …

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Turn Data into Insights with CompAnalyst

How CompAnalyst transforms your compensation data into proactive insights to support the business strategies of your organization. Extend the power of compensation data beyond the …

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The Next Generation of Compensation Technology

CompAnalyst has integrated AI to empower your comp teams and improve employee engagement and retention AI and machine learning are game-changing predictive technologies, but are …

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Compensation Data and Analytics: Reimagined

CompAnalyst for Enterprise is built on input from hundreds of customers. We have now streamlined and refined our solution to help you better market price, …

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What’s New in CompAnalyst?

Introducing new CompAnalyst features that make it even easier to access and leverage the data insights you need to make strategic pay decisions. https://www2.salary.com/l/250572/2021-01-26/2nc1f5f

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CompAnalyst for Salary Structures and Merit Modeling

CompAnalyst for Salary Structures is a highly visual, intuitive solution for modeling cost scenarios. With this solution, you can analyze the impact of changes in …

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CompAnalyst Survey Management

The CompAnalyst Survey Management module allows you to analyze your third-party compensation surveys in a convenient, online repository. Now you can manage these large volumes …

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CompAnalyst Analytics

The CompAnalyst Reporting and Pay Analytics module enables quick, streamlined analysis of your internal pay practices against market rates. Ensure pay program competitiveness versus the …

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Companalyst Suite

CompAnalyst offers a complete set of flexible solutions that can be combined to help meet your organization’s specific compensation needs. With trusted, up-to-date market pricing on jobs, CompAnalyst helps you make better and smarter decisions about pay. Now you can eliminate risks, reduce costs and save time – all with a single, web-based system.

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CompAnalyst Market Data

CompAnalyst Market Data provides on-demand access to the most trusted source of compensation data so you can benchmark jobs easily and accurately using a single, web-based tool. Save time market pricing with a comprehensive database of 100% HR-reported market data, analyzed and updated monthly by our team of Certified Compensation Professionals.

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CompAnalyst Executive

CompAnalyst Executive is the leading executive compensation benchmarking tool. It combines a comprehensive data source with dynamic reporting features to make executive pay research fast and efficient. Instantly access data for all US public companies, compare pay practices and support executive pay strategies with ease.


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