Pay for Performance

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6 Steps to Take Before Creating a Pay Matrix

In today’s war for talent, an increasing number of organizations are leveraging performance-based compensation plans, like bonuses and merit increases, to reward top employees. Research …


Sample Compensation Plan Administrative Guidelines

Download this Sample Compensation Plan white paper to see how the different stages of the compensation planning process come together in your comp …

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77% of Organizations Offering Variable Pay Plans

In this competitive talent market, organizations with a formal pay-for-performance philosophy are more than twice as likely to have above average or excellent employee engagement, …

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An Overview of Non-Equity Based Long-Term Incentive Plans

In the war for talent, organizations are finding new ways to retain longtime employees. Short-term incentives go a long way to keep workers engaged year-to-year, …

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An Overview of Profit Sharing Plans for Your Organization

In addition to a competitive base salary, employees value other total compensation elements that help make an offer worthwhile. In addition to performance-based short-term incentive …

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An Overview of Stock and Stock Value Equity Plans

Equity-based stock plans align employees with shareholder interests, encouraging them to feel a sense of ownership in the organization’s success. Employees can accrue wealth over …

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How a Bonus Structure Impacts Male and Female Employees

Short-term incentives plans allow companies to reward employee based on how they advanced the goals of the organization, and what they accomplished individually over the …

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An Overview of Performance-Based Short-Term Incentive Plans

Providing monthly, quarterly, or annual short-term incentives to employees can – when administered correctly – drive engagement and retention. There are a whole range of …


Make Your Pay-For-Performance Plan Work as Hard as You Do

HR professionals are embracing pay-for-performance policies, and it’s paying off in a big way. But, it’s clear some rocks are being left unturned when it …


“Sunday Scaries” Don’t Have to Negatively Impact Your Organization

Be proactive in the battle against the “Sunday scaries” by thinking differently about your pay-for-performance policy New research from Salary.com shows that while pay-for-performance strategies …


Compensation Practices Driving Cultural Shifts in Performance Management

This new paper from George LaRocque, Principal Analyst & Founder of #HRWINS, shares how performance management is changing, and what you can do to ensure …


Creating an Effective Merit Plan: Optimize Your Salary Increase Budget like a Pro

Most organizations have already recognized the value in paying for performance. Research shows that having a clearly communicated pay-for-performance plan increases external competitiveness, manages employee …


Pay for Performance: Driving Alignment and Merit Pay Program Success

In every organization, there are different business units with very different sets of priorities. Pay for performance affects each of these departments and their people …


Performance Management – What’s Next?

There is a fundamental change driving performance management this decade. What previously was a once-a-year meeting has become an ongoing feedback loop. But supporting this …


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