3 Reasons Not to Negotiate Salary After Accepting an Offer

Sometimes It's a Good Thing NOT to Negotiate Salary

3. If You've Been Unemployed

In a perfect world, if a company decides you’re the best possible candidate for an open position, it shouldn’t matter if you were just named employee of the month or if you’ve been out of work since the last presidential administration. But the truth is, the longer you’ve been unemployed, the more important it is to get back into the working world -- for your career, your financial situation, and your state of mental health. When job offers have been few and far between, you’re less likely to take negotiation risks when you finally receive one.

In John’s case, he knew that it would be more difficult to compete with other candidates in the future with a 2-year gap in his resume. He already felt fortunate in the way the opportunity fell into his lap, stating, “This offer was a gift from the Gods.”