How to Position Yourself for a Raise

Looking for a little more dough? We’re happy you are using our salary wizard to find out your job’s value. Our data can certainly provide valuable negotiation points when you approach your HR manager/boss to have “the talk,” and we have some additional articles we think you’ll find useful.

Here’s the top articles pertaining to raise negotiation we feel are worth the read:

1) Raises and Promotions

If you’ve never had a job where it’s customary to ask for a raise or promotion, you may need a quick crash course. We’ve got plenty of specific tips and points of advice, but it’s important to understand the basic strategy behind the ask.

Here’s a basic overview of promotions and raises.

2) 9 Things You Should Never Say When Asking for a Raise

If you’ve never asked for a raise, you might be surprised at what conversation points will lead you nowhere, or worse, negatively impact your likability. Even in today’s strong economy, you may be surprised to learn that aggressive takes like “I’m doing the work of three people…” can still work against you. Respect and level-headedness go a long way in negotiations.

Here are our tips on how to steer that fateful conversation in the right direction.

3) Reasons to Ask for a Raise: 7 Salary Adjustment Justifications

While it’s important to avoid those overly-aggressive pitfalls in salary negotiations, you have to start somewhere! Make sure your arsenal is loaded with specific reasons why you deserve a raise. Working somewhere for a year doing an adequate job probably isn’t going to cut it. Have you gone above and beyond?

Consider some of these justifications for why you deserve a raise, and decide if you’re ready to go to bat for yourself.

4) 7 Signs it’s a Good Time to ask for a Raise

Maybe you’re ready for an awkward conversation, but is it a good time for the company? There are several factors to consider when strategizing when exactly to broach the subject of a raise. Has business been good lately? Is your performance review coming up?

Check out the full list of signs that it’s a good time to ask for a raise.

5) 7 Things to Do After Your Request for a Raise Gets Denied

Hey, you shot for the moon – no regrets, right? There was always a good chance your request for a raise would be denied. You can be upset, and no one’s stopping you from looking at new job opportunities, but there are many proactive ways to respond to adversity. Start by staying calm and simply asking why.

Check out these positive responses to a raise negotiation that didn’t go your way.

Note: Many of these pieces were written when they economy was poor, but the advice they offer is still highly valuable and relevant today. 



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