How to Find Your Next Job

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Ready for a new job? We’ve got all the pointers and relevant trends to help you decide on a great role with competitive pay and modern-day perks.

Here’s the top articles pertaining to the job search we feel are worth the read:

1) What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

If you are considering a career change, it may help to channel your childhood self and figure out – “what do I want to be when I grow up?” We gathered all-ages advice on that here.

It may also help to simply see what sorts of jobs generate a range of five- and six-figure salaries. Here’s our list of in-demand jobs that pay over $75,000, $100,000, and $175,000. And if you’re interested in medical school, some doctors bring in the big bucks.

2) Job Applications: Resumes, Job Boards, and Interviews

It’s easy to get sucked into the litany of job boards out there – make sure you’re not getting discouraged by a lack of responses, and using your time wisely on the application journey.

Ah, what’s this? You got a job interview at that awesome company? Congratulations! You probably know the basics of an interview, but if you wanted a refresher: check out our 26 realistic interview tips. No fluff, just good advice!

3) War for Talent: This Company May Let You Work 4 Days, Get Paid for 5

Earlier this year, Perpetual Guardian became New Zealand’s first major business to experiment with “four days’ work for five days’ pay." Over the course of the two-month trial, researchers found that employees at Perpetual Guardian saw a 7% decrease in stress and a 20% increase in team engagement.

In the War for Talent, companies are offering candidates competitive pay – at competitive hours. Read the full story on Perpetual Guardian.

4) War for Talent: Remote Work, Open Offices, Healthy Eating

It may be a while before mainstream businesses offer a permanent 4-day work week, but they are deeply concerned with other work-life balance initiatives, especially for millennials.

Businesses are evolving to feature a variety of different office environments while recognizing that remote work opportunities are shown to improve employee productivity.

And if companies are really on their game, they are encouraging healthy habits in the office. No one can tell you to eat, but it might help to have more fruits and whole grains around…right?

5) Commuting to the Job and Traveling on the Job

If you do have to go into the office, you probably want to keep your commute under control. Do you live somewhere that generally has a longer or shorter trip to work? Check out our rankings of average commute times for each U.S. state.

Long or short commute, no one likes traveling to work - but how about traveling as part of the job? Here’s a list of gigs for folks who don’t want to stay at the desk all year.

6) Ghosting, Zombieing, and Haunting: What Do These Terms Have to Do with the Hiring Process?

You’ve probably heard of or even been a victim of “ghosting” on dating apps such as Bumble or Tinder, but these terms apply to the hiring cycle as well. HR professionals have noticed an uptick in applicants ghosting potential organizations midway through or after the application process.

Try to resist the urge to “ghost” potential employers – no need to burn bridges!

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