3 Techniques for Successful Salary Negotiations

Doing These Simple Things Helps You Negotiate Successfully

Think Ahead

While there are no ways to guarantee that a negotiation will succeed, there’s one way that will pretty much ensure that a negotiation will fail, and that’s to go in without any kind of plan.

Common errors include entering a negotiation without doing research of your value on the market, not role-playing the conversation in advance to make sure your selling points are on target (and preparing for pushback on those selling points), and the least effective technique: barging into your boss’ office randomly and deciding to demand a raise or promotion.

I recently came across a very interesting book called “The Cartography of Negotiation” by Scott Wayne with Jason Allen Ashlock. A quick, interesting business book with a textured element of design, it had several unique takeaways.

Within the chapter delving into the interests on both sides of a discussion, they present three core techniques for approaching a successful negotiation.