7 of the Worst Resumes Ever

Horrendous Resumes Actually Submitted to Hiring Managers

So Much for First Impressions...

Resumes and cover letters are often the first things seen by hiring managers and the deciding factors that determine whether or not you get a job interview. Armed with that knowledge, most people spend copious amounts of time crafting them, honing them, and even paying professionals to write it for them.

And then there are those who don’t.

The following examples will likely be difficult to believe, but there really are some people out there who give zero thought to how they come across to potential employers. Their resumes are misspelled, lack any and all semblance of grammar, and often contain wildly inappropriate (yet hilarious) personal information.

Here are seven things you should definitely not do to your resume/cover letter if you ever want to be taken seriously (and to avoid the Internet's Hall of Shame).