10 Most Hated Jobs: What Jobs do People Complain About the Most?

Survey Analyzes a Year’s Worth of Tweets & Finds the 10 Most Hated Jobs

Let the Hate Flow Through You

If you hate your job and like to complain about it on social media, you’re probably a man living on the East Coast and working in retail.

So says a recent study courtesy of Brandwatch and Monster, which analyzed more than 1 million tweets over the course of one year, from March 2014 to March 2015. Attention was paid to how many people tweeted about loving and hating their jobs, with states such as Hawaii, Oregon, and California ranking high on the “love my job” list, while workers in Florida, West Virginia, and Delaware were decidedly unhappier about their employment situation. This despite jobs on the east coast paying more, proving money isn’t everything.

Statistics also showed people sour on their jobs in July (when they’d presumably rather be on the beach instead of in a cubicle), and like their jobs more starting in November just before the holidays.

In addition to charting love/hate geographically and by the time of year, the study also focused on the 10 most hated jobs in the US. Here’s they are in all of their (non) glory.

10. Safety Director

Safety is generally considered a good thing, but people with this job title in Louisiana aren’t exactly thrilled.

Despite the fact that this job can pay six figures, the study found those who are employed in the safety/work safety profession are doing a lot of complaining about their jobs on Twitter. Despite the whimsical allure of the Safety Dance, these workers are likely stressed about developing, implementing, and managing programs to keep people safe. It’s probably a lot of work maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal standards. We’re just not sure openly tweeting about hating your high-paying job is, well, a safe thing to do.

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9. Data Analyst

Data analysts in Maryland and New Jersey have been voicing their displeasure at work quite frequently, according to the study.

Maybe it’s because this is one of those jobs like Chandler from the sitcom Friends had, in that no one can actually pinpoint what you do. Data analysts collect, organize, and interpret statistical information, but the exact nature of the work depends on the industry in which one is working. But basically, their job is to find methods of assigning numerical values to various business functions so companies can fix problems and improve upon existing efficiencies. But apparently sitting in front of the computer all day mining data has some in the field to take their frustrations out on Twitter.

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8. Nursing/Healthcare

Rhode Island – a little state with big-time hate for its healthcare jobs.

Survey stats show the small New England state is big on discontentment when it comes to nursing and other healthcare related jobs. Sure, nurses love to help people and we’d all be lost without them taking care of us. But I imagine that kind of devotion comes at a cost, especially after a bad shift losing one or multiple patients and dealing with decidedly unappreciative patients who cover you with all sorts of bodily fluids. That’s enough to get any reasonable person complaining on social media.

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7. Retail

Retail jobs. Need I say more?

Constantly public-facing occupations dealing with complaints of all kinds and living by the motto “the customer is always right” when you know for a fact that isn’t always true. So when you’re done with an 8-hour shift filled with rude customers and headaches, a little venting is warranted.

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6. Restaurant/Food Prep

The good people of Pennsylvania seemed to complain about the food industry the most, but I’m guessing this one goes across the board.

It seems like everyone is just waiting for a screwed up order so they can pounce on it and take out some aggression on the people behind the counter. Meanwhile, food workers are busting their butts trying to grind out their shift while working on the impossible task of keeping every customer happy. It also doesn’t help that the debate over fast food workers making a new minimum wage of $15 took place during the survey. With so many in the world being against food workers earning a living wage, it’s not surprising they’d voice some displeasure of their own on social media.

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5. Welder/Laborer

Welders in Ohio seem to be having a rough go of it lately.

Survey respondents who work as welders reported a higher incidence of hating their job than many other careers. Whether it’s the heat of summer combined with the work conditions many welders in warehouses across the country face, it’s clear many people in this profession are not exactly pleased with their job situations.

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4. Accounts Receivable

Life isn’t always fun when you’re basically a debt collector all day long.

People who work in accounts receivable are accounting professionals charged with making sure companies receive payment for goods or services sold to clients. Although there’s the expected posting of financial transactions and making deposits, these workers also have the unenviable task of sending bill reminders to clients that haven’t paid and making collection calls. One has to imagine those calls don’t always go over too well.

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3. Mail Clerk

Long hours, customers upset about missing/late mail, and low pay. Is it any wonder mail clerks in Maryland were publicly complaining about their jobs so much?

We’re going to take the high road and avoid any “going postal” jabs here, but the sheer monotony of the job alone would be enough for most people to take to Twitter and complain for a bit. But even if you work as a mail clerk in a private office, you’re still dealing with constant deadlines and being blamed for any piece of correspondence that doesn’t make it to its recipient on time – even if it’s not your fault.

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2. Janitor

Simply put, people are slobs.

You try spending your days cleaning up after people who show no regard for the cleanliness of certain areas, and tell me you wouldn’t complain on Twitter like the janitors of Ohio did, according to the survey. I have two kids at home and it only takes a few minutes of them running around making a mess for my parental janitorial services to be needed. Now imagine being a janitor at a place like a school. Complain away, friends.

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1. Housekeeper

Low pay, constant messes, eternally underappreciated – it’s no wonder why this sits near the top of the list of most hated jobs.

Similar to janitors, I can only imagine the number of truly disgusting things housekeepers must run into on a near-daily basis. I’ve seen hotel rooms destroyed by all manner of nastiness during parties or events, and I’d hate to be the one cleaning it up afterward. Now imagine that’s all you do every single day. Some complaining on social media shouldn’t just be expected, but mandatory.

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