11 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Call Out of Work

As an employee, there will be days when we wish to take some time off work. At times when you can't make it to work but don't know how to break it to your boss, it's stressful. So, if you're looking for reasons to call out of work, make sure to give a legitimate one or you risk losing your job.

Now the question lies in how should you give your good excuses to miss work on a short notice? This article will offer you believable and appropriate reasons to get out of work.

11 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Call Out of Work

1. You have a doctor or dental appointment

Either of these are the number one reasons to call out of work. Anyone who experienced this would understand this excuse. You will have to make it appear real that you have a serious toothache and require immediate medical assistance from a dentist hence the excuse to miss work.

A general visit to the doctor can also be helpful in such situations. That said, not all doctors' or dentists' appointments can be done in under an hour. They require a commute to and from the doctor's office, so it might be wise to call off work for at least half a day.

2. You need to attend events

Saying that you'll be attending events such as a wedding can be a good reason to get out of work. At first it may sound like attending a wedding would significantly impact how your boss sees you.

But here's what you can do: You can inform your boss that you will have to arrange the venue, help out the bride and groom, or to be the groomsman or bridesmaid. However, it should be noted that this excuse to miss work cannot be used too frequently, or it will raise suspicion.

3. You met an accident on the way to the office

Your next reason to get out of work could be that you intended to go to the office and were on your way, but were met with an accident.

If things are pretty serious, you might need to call your boss and let you're the accident be known. Let them know that you won't be able to make it in that day. Perhaps your car was damaged and needs immediate repair. Or you suffered a minor injury and need to visit the hospital.

4. Need to prepare for the test

You can also let your boss know that you'll need to take a test. This is a really genuine reason to give your employer because it is important to attend the exams. Say you are on your path to getting promoted and you'll need to study for an exam and if it falls on a working day, this reason to call out of work will be valid.

5. Unexpected situation in the kindergarten

If you have kids, then you may have occurrences where you will get called to the school. This reason to get out of work is an unexpected circumstance that's out of your control. You may let your boss know that you need to attend to your child at his or her school.

Only give this excuse to miss work only if your employer knows that you have a child under your roof. Saying so will sound genuine and understandable.

6. You lost your wallet and need to reissue your documents

Losing your personal documentations and credit cards is a headache. It is an urgent matter as it may result in the disclosure of your personal information and misuse of your funds. You'll need to file a police report and contact the bank to report that your documents have been stolen.

Since all these have to be settled immediately, it is a valid reason to skip work. Besides, the issuance of these documents can only be processed on weekdays.

7. Your leg fractured during exercise

Employers are concerned about the health of employees. After all, it is much more efficient to work under good physical conditions. Since having a leg fracture is an inconvenience, it is reasonable to report this as one of your reasons to call out of work.

8. Your parents are sick

As your parents are aging, they'll need extra care. You may say that they need to go to the hospital for a health check-up, hence the need to take a day off work. Since the hospital may have a lot of people and the registration process normally takes a long time; you are afraid that you won't make it to work in a stipulated time frame. Your boss should be understanding as such family emergencies are unavoidable.

9. You have a house emergency

Sometimes house emergencies happen. It may be problems with water pipes, leaking toilets, or a gas leak. You'll need to return home and deal with them immediately. In general, these excuses are quite common and could warrant your day a day off from work.

10. Physiological reasons

The stigma around mental health is a historical problem. Which is why most employees would rather struggle into work when they are suffering from a mental health issue. But the best workaround for this is to approach your employers and let them know your current situation and that you need to take some time off. You might be surprised by how supportive your employers are once they know what's going on.

Tips to remember when giving excuses to get out of work

1. Explain in advance

Although things can happen without planning, it would be best to let your employers or manager know in advance via phone calls or text messages whenever possible. This enables your employers to have proper preparations and arrangements to take over your job, so that things still run smoothly with your absence.

2. Don't lie

It can be tempting to lie, but try to be brutally honest when you give your reasons to get out of work. If you make up a story now, you may not have the liberty to do so again for an actual crisis in the future.

3. Taking time off in person

If circumstances permit, try to take time off in person. This shows your sincerity, and the probability of your success in taking future leaves will be much higher.

4. Be polite

When you are requesting to take leaves, say it politely. It is human nature that when you ask sincerely, people are less likely to reject you.

5. Tell the reasons and state the days you'll be taking off

When you are on leave, you can't just simply do it without explaining why. This will cause unexplainable resentment if you are found to be lying. Therefore, the reason for the leave should be properly explained. It would be better to let the start and end of your off days be known to the management.

6. Get ready to return

If you're able to do so, stay in contact with the team so you have the information you'll need to get back to work quickly. Being prepared for your return to work can minimize the impact that your absence has on your workplace. Be responsible!

All in all, use your best judgement whenever you wish to give an excuse to miss work. whatever your reasons to call out of work appear professional or not, it is all about how you phrase it to your boss.

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