6 In-Demand IT Jobs Worth Looking at in 2019

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When Daft Punk released “Robot Rock” in 1997, surely they were portending the state of the job market 20 years later. In the modern war for talent, tech – and tech jobs – seem to be all the rage these days. If you’re looking for a job in the IT world, or are a current employee looking to make a change, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for in-demand roles on the horizon.

Based on a report by Robert Half, here are six entry-level IT jobs worth looking at in 2019. We've also included the average entry-level salaries for these kinds of roles, as well as their average total earning potential based on Salary.com data.

1) Data Architect 

What you'll earn to start: $76,485

What you’ll do: Design and build relational databases for data storage or processing. This person will develop strategies for warehouse implementation, data acquisition and access, and data archiving and recovery. In addition, they will build data models and define the structure, attributes, and nomenclature of data elements. This role typically requires a bachelor's degree.

Your earning potential (level V): $139,779

2) Data Security Analyst 

What you'll earn to start: $57,843

What you’ll do: Design, implement, and enforce security policies that protect systems and data from access by unauthorized users. This person will create procedures for data access, protection, and backup, and investigate security violations and modify procedures to prevent future incursions. This role typically requires a bachelor's degree.

Your earning potential (level IV): $128,506

3) Software Engineer 

What you'll earn to start: $66,665

What you’ll do: Design and develop software applications. This person will perform coding, debugging, testing, and troubleshooting throughout the application development process. This role typically requires a bachelor's degree.

Your earning potential (level V): $143,909

4) Network Engineer 

What you'll earn to start: $67,297

What you’ll do: Assist in the installation and maintenance of network communications. This person will configure various network devices and services and troubleshoot network issues within established guidelines. This role typically requires a bachelor's degree of computer science, engineering, or its equivalent.

Your earning potential (level V): $125,659

 5) Data Scientist 

What you'll earn to start: $61,426

What you’ll do: Identify business trends and problems through complex big data analysis, and interpret results from multiple sources using a variety of techniques ranging from simple data aggregation via statistical analysis to complex data mining independently. This person designs, develops, and implements the most valuable business solutions for the organization, prepares big data, and implements data models and develops database to support business solutions. This role may require an advanced degree.

Your earning potential (level V): $144,684

6) Systems Engineer 

What you'll earn to start: $70,372

What you’ll do: plan and build an organization's systems infrastructure. This person implements, monitors, modifies, and designs information systems. This role typically requires a bachelor's degree.

Your earning potential (level I V): $139,306

Whatever You Choose, Make Sure You're Prepared

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Good luck!

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