Is Your Commute a Drag? Here are the Average Commute Times in Each State

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Commuting can be the bane of many people’s existence. If you’ve ever had a long commute, you know it can be incredibly insufferable. Sitting in traffic is not ideal, and public transportation can be unreliable and uncomfortable. It’d be nice if there was encouraging news to report, but it seems commuting times are only getting worse.

According to the Census, American commute times have been steadily on the rise since 2010. Although many people nowadays are lucky enough to land a remote working opportunity, many workers still don’t have the luxury of working from their home offices in their pajama pants. Living in a city is usually viewed as a convenient lifestyle, but it is notoriously inconvenient to get to work if you live in a bustling metropolis. Workers in the U.S.’s most urban areas are saddled with some of the longest commutes in the whole country.

Here are the average commute times (in minutes) for each state, from longest to shortest, according to Census data:

New York : minutes
Maryland : minutes
New Jersey : minutes
Illinois : minutes
Massachusetts : minutes
Virginia : minutes
Georgia : minutes
California : minutes
Washington : minutes
Florida : minutes
Hawaii : minutes
New Hampshire : minutes
Pennsylvania : minutes
Texas : minutes
Connecticut : minutes
West Virginia : minutes
Delaware : minutes
Tennessee : minutes
Alabama : minutes
Louisiana : minutes
Colorado : minutes
Arizona : minutes
Maine : minutes
South Carolina : minutes
North Carolina : minutes
Nevada : minutes
Mississippi : minutes
Michigan : minutes
Rhode Island : minutes
Vermont : minutes
Missouri : minutes
Kentucky : minutes
Ohio : minutes
Indiana : minutes
Oregon : minutes
Minnesota : minutes
Arkansas : minutes
Wisconsin : minutes
Utah : minutes
New Mexico : minutes
Oklahoma : minutes
Idaho : minutes
Kansas : minutes
Alaska : minutes
Iowa : minutes
Montana : minutes
Wyoming : minutes
Nebraska : minutes
North Dakota : minutes
South Dakota : minutes