Finding Your DISC Personality Test Style

Personality tests should always be taken with a grain of salt, maybe a rock. The rich variation of human personalities can never truly be categorized into a combination of 4 or 6 variables.

No matter what the personality test, it won't give you a clear picture of who you are. But it will help you explore things you may not have realized about yourself.

When I discovered I was an introvert, a huge weight fell off my shoulders.

I learned that I recharge by being alone. My friends and kids recharge by being with other people. It's just how we're wired.

There's nothing wrong with me or them. Knowing this made it easier to figure out how everyone can get what they require.

There are things we require and things that are nice to have. When we get these two confused, we chase things we don't need and deprive ourselves of things we do.

I don't need to be alone all the time, just for some time every day. Everyone is better off when I get a chance to recharge. Learn what you require and find a way to meet those needs.

The DISC 4 Personality Test

For job searching, the DISC 4 is worth taking because it's often used assess job applicants' personalities.

This is sometimes to see whether they will fit with a team or in the culture of the company. It can also be used to help figure out how to effectively manage someone.

The important thing to know is that it is an estimation of where you fit and there's nothing wrong with you no matter what your results. There is absolutely no way to fail a personality test.

DISC 4 is based on a spectrum of task orientation to people orientation and a spectrum of reserved to outgoing.

You take the test by reviewing a series of 4 statements and choosing the one that most applies to you and least applies to you.

It takes a few questions to get the hang of answering because sometimes it's close and sometimes the statements don't have much to do with each other.

DISC is an acronym for the 4 personality styles the test measures: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance/Conscientiousness.

These terms seem old fashioned now and have absolutely nothing to do with Instagram influencers, legal compliance, or physical balance.

DISC Personality Test Chart

Dominance describes how you deal with problems and people.

D refers to whether you are results oriented, like challenges and competition, seek power and authority, and are direct and willing to take risks.

D types fear loss of control and vulnerability and can be impatient or insensitive.

Influence describes how you relate to people and the ways you communicate.

I refers to whether you are motivated by social recognition and relationships, you love action, enthusiasm and collaboration.

I types do not like being ignored or rejected and can be impulsive and prone to disorganization.

Steadiness describes temperament. S refers to whether you like helping others, maintaining stability and consistency, and harmony.

Change and loss of harmony are hard for S types.

Conscientiousness/Compliance refers to whether you prioritize accuracy and like opportunities to learn and figure things out.

C types are deep thinkers who care about quality and precision and dislike being wrong or sloppy.

After answering the questions, you will get a pie chart showing your percentages of each type.

Most people, 32% of the world population, are predominately S types.

Although, this can vary by country. In Germany, the most prominent personality type is I and in Brazil it is C. D's are the rarest at about 9%, with 11% men 7% women.

Because the different styles measure different things, it's normal to fall somewhere between 15% and 35% in any particular type.

Since job searchers will often encounter a DISC personality test, it's helpful to take it before you start applying so you can get the hang of taking the test, which is a little confusing.

It's also great to have a sense of what your style is and what culture and environment suit you. If you like to go fast and break things, an environment of slow, careful C's will drive you nuts.

If you are asked to take the DISC assessment, be sure to find out what styles make up the team you would be working with. After all, culture and fit is a two-way street.

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