How to Become an Air Hostess: All You Need to Know

The minimum requirement for becoming an air hostess is a high school degree, but generally speaking, it's better to have a college degree. At the same time, you need some skills, such as teamwork, communication ability, etc. If you are interested to be one of the air hostess team, the information in this article will help you to clarify your mind.

Step 1: Understand air hostess description and responsibilities

Air Hostess or also known as a flight stewardess or flight attendant is one of the most demanding professions these days. Air hostess is one important crew of an airline. With the assistance of these air hostesses, the trip becomes more comfortable. If you want to be an air hostess, you should first understand the job responsibilities of this profession to confirm your competence

Duties of an Air Hostess:

1. Air Hostess guarantees safety and comfort of their passengers.

2. They are responsible for disseminating or informing their passengers on the in-flight rules and regulations.

3. Before any flight, the pilot meets his attendants or crew to do briefing and goes over the flight plan. The air hostess is expected to attend to the pilot's briefing plan actions accordingly.

4. Air hostess confirm that emergency tools or equipment like first aid kit and complete and available.

5. An air hostess also is responsible for checking some supplies in the plane like pillows, blanket, beverages which might be needed by the passenger during flight.

6. An air hostess provides refreshments, reading materials and etc.

7. They also check passenger tickets once boarding starts.

8. They assist in finding the passenger's seats.

The job responsibilities listed above are only a part of all work contents. This occupation involves many aspects. When you want to be an air hostess, you should be prepared to meet these challenges.

Step 2: Think before you do: whether is it worth to be an air hostess

Career impact is double-sided for anyone, and each career will bring good and bad impact to people. So before you decide to become an air hostess, you should know exactly the advantages and disadvantages of your career.

Advantages of becoming an air hostess:

1. Travel around the world and meet new people

This is very obvious. You get to travel all around the world if you are working for an international airliner. You get to visit some of the most exotic places around the world. You meet a lot of new people because you travel from one city to another. You also get to stay in most expensive hotels.

2. Good salary and many other bonuses

The second best part of air hostess job is salary and other bonuses. Most of the airliner pays their air hostesses and other crew members very well. They also pay you for extra hours in case flight is late or delayed. Moreover most the airline companies give you free accommodation if you are going out of country.

3. Holistic personality development

But the best part of the job is you learn many things while you are employed. You develop your overall personality. You learn how to handle pressure and communicate with all kinds of people boarding the plane.

Disadvantages of becoming an air hostess:

1. Jobs are hard to get

The worst part of the air hostess job is that it is very difficult to come by. So the job openings are very low to begin with. Even if there is an opening the competition is very tough. Out of 100 applicants only one gets the job.

2. Physical and mental stress because the nature of job

Travelling, meeting new people, staying in expensive hotels all of these things sound quite fun. But in reality the air hostess job is very difficult because you have to deal with all kinds of people on the plane, especially with flight safety and security issues.

3. Other issues like early retirement, quick firing, harassment, etc.

Finally there are many other issues related to the job. You have to retire earlier because the job is for young women. As you cross 35 you have to look for another job. You can't work after 35 because you face many issues like family, children, and marriage and moreover the job is very tough and demanding. You can also get fired if you are still working. You can be fired from the job if you take leave without informing your superiors. Or there is a complaint then you will be put on probation.

Step 3: Research Best colleges and universities for air hostess

1. Liberty University

2. International Air and Hospital Academy

3. Orange Coast College

4. Cypress College

5. Glendale Community College

6. Sinclair Community College

7. Mercer County Community College

8. Palo Alto College

9. Rio Salado College

10. University of Liverpool

Step 4: Go through College

If you want to be an air hostess, university is your best choice. Though a high school diploma is the minimum, airlines especially favor candidates with degrees that might facilitate customer service skills, such as communications, psychology and education. An air hostess can be successful by earning bachelor's degrees in several areas. In terms of careers, there often is an overlap. A certificate or associate degree program concentrated in flight attendant training is also available for prospective flight attendants who want a competitive edge over other applicants. Students in such programs may take courses in crew emergency management, airline operations and aviation safety.

Step 5: Internship Opportunity

Part time job in university can help you combine your knowledge with real work in time, promote your study and accumulate experience for you in the future. First of all, for the major of air crew, the school will arrange relevant professional internships. Students should actively take advantage of the favorable opportunities offered by the school and actively exercise themselves to improve their abilities. Meanwhile, you can search relevant part-time information through the employment service center of the school. Mainly you want to work part-time. You can solve this problem in many ways. Part time job is also a kind of job for university study.

Step 6: Prepare relevant skills for air hostess

1. Customer Service Skills

Customer service is probably the most important skill that an air hostess should have; your entire job is about ensuring that the customer is safe and happy. You must go above and beyond to make sure their journey with you was memorable and that they will return to fly again with your company.

2. Teamwork

A successful and happy flight is a result of teamwork. You will find that you will rarely work with the same people each day and should be able to adapt and work with different members of the team.

3. Communication Skills

Flight attendants must be effective communicators; you'll need to advise passengers on proper emergency procedures and convey information clearly. Listening to the clients request and responding to it in a timely manner is essential.

4. Professionalism and Positivity

The long hours and hard work can sometimes take a toll on your mood. But, you need to make sure you remain professional and positive. A customer won't know how many unsocial hours you have worked in the past week, or the tough journey you had to work, and they will expect the highest level of customer service. You will be chosen for the job on your bubbly personality so never forget that.

5. Caring and Understanding

Your customers will have a varied range of needs and issues. You need to demonstrate that you can understand those needs and care for all your customers in a timely manner. You must show that you are compassionate and kind when you are dealing with fragile problems.

Step 7: find relevant air hostess jobs, and apply it

But when you want to officially start your career, there's a problem. Where can you find an air hostess job? Now here, we provide you with a website where you can research for the job you want, you can click here:

Important Tools for a professional air hostess

Sufficient ability and important skills are the prerequisite to become an air hostess, and also the key to be able to play a helping role in the work of an air hostess.

Develop your career path

Career advancement is based on seniority. On international flights, senior attendants frequently oversee the work of other attendants. Senior attendants may be promoted to management positions in which they are responsible for recruiting, instructing, and scheduling. There are numerous career paths you can pursue once you are employed by an airline, with many opportunities to move up the ranks. We have established 3 main ways you can progress your flight attendant career: Natural progression with job promotion; a step sideways into a different department; Take on the world outside the airline industry. These three career paths are chosen by the most people, but you can also choose other career paths according to your own interests.