How to Become an Amazon Delivery Driver

Amazon Company currently has more than 600,000 employees, hundreds of sorting centers in North America, and distributes about one million packages on average every day. In addition to retail, Amazon also provides many services such as book publishing, film and television, and online services. There is no exaggeration to say that the daily life of Americans is basically inseparable from Amazon. So what to do to become an Amazon delivery driver? If you are interested in this career, this article will tell you all the necessary information step by step to become an Amazon delivery driver.

Step 1: Understand delivery driver's job description and responsibilities

Amazon provides a position of Amazon Logistics delivery associate, which is a seasonal or full-time delivery associate. If you want to apply for this position, you`d better meet these requirements:

  1. Holding a valid driver's license
  2. Using English
  3. At least with high school diploma or GED

You don't have to drive your own car because there's an Amazon van weighing up 10,000 pounds (4,500 kg) for you to drive.

And your daily work is to deliver packages from a warehouse or appointed places to homes, retail locations, and other delivery locations.

Step 2: Think before you do: whether is it worth to be an Amazon Delivery Driver

How does it feel to be an Amazon delivery driver, before you start on this career path, let me tell you whether this job suits you or not.


  1. Flexible schedule: You can arrange your working time on the Amazon APP also driving area.
  2. Relaxed working environment: Your work is driving the van from place to place, which can be pretty much easy and relaxing.
  3. Driving a lot: It's a great opportunity to enjoy driving around, sometimes to get one different journey.


  1. Low salary: The income of an Amazon delivery driver is not so high.
  2. A burden to health: Longtime driving leads to some health problems, such as back pain.
  3. Bored: Spending all day in a car without talking to people sometimes may make you feel bored.

Step 3: Internship Opportunity

Before becoming an Amazon delivery driver, you need to have experienced driving skills. The first thing is to get a driver's license and take chances to drive as much as possible.

If you are not willing to take full-time jobs as an Amazon Logistics delivery associate, there is also another position in Amazon Flex. It`s a part-time delivery driver who works for himself, making his own schedules, choosing his own convenient areas to deliver. The first thing to apply for this position is to check whether there's a recruitment of drivers in your region or not on Amazon`s website, then if yes, you can go on applying, but you should meet the following requirements:

  1. Up to the age of 21 years old
  2. Holding a valid driver's license
  3. Having a qualifying vehicle with car insurance
  4. Having a social security number
  5. Pass a background check
  6. Owning a bank account
  7. With a smartphone compatible with the Amazon Flex driver app, iPhone or Android phone

In your spare time, you can receive orders through the Amazon Flex driver app and earn your money!

Step 4: Prepare relevant skills for an Amazon delivery driver

Good Amazon delivery drivers, master proficient driving skills, simple knowledge and skills of maintenance of vehicles, be familiar with the routes, regional environment, traffic conditions, can accept tasks assigned by the company, and have a certain communication ability can make it.

1. Driving skills

As a driver, you must have proficient driving skills, be able to cope with a variety of road conditions, have a peaceful driving mentality, and be able to avoid traffic problems to ensure the safe delivery of packages on time.

2. Be familiar with the routes

You need to have an understanding of the area, traffic conditions, route, and general environment in which you are responsible, then you can improve work efficiency.

3. Communicational skills

Have a certain communication ability, to ensure smooth cooperation with clients.

4. Bear hardships

The delivery scope is too large, the route is too long, the packages are large, and sometimes you may be responsible for handling deliveries and other tasks. These will make the driver feel tired, so you should learn to adjust yourself and maintain a diligent attitude.

Step 5: Apply for jobs

The application for the Amazon delivery driver job is online, click Amazon`s website, read the requirements to check whether you are qualified, then fill in the application form where you will be allowed to write your name, sex, age and other basic information about you. If Amazon passed the form you filled in, an interview will be held in a short time, which may be at Amazon`s office or warehouse. Make preparations for this interview, such as have a handsome haircut, buy an appropriate suit, think of some answers to the questions that interviewers may ask, then join the interview on time.

During the interview, try to be relaxed and fluent as much as possible, which can show your confidence, full of experience and excellent problem-solving abilities. Generally, you will be asked why you apply for this job, how long have you driven for and if you ever had an accident in the past. For all the questions, you need to answer honestly in a good manner but try to sell yourself to stand out from other interviewees.

Finally, after passed the interview, you will be required to download the Amazon driver app because all your work plans are in it. Besides, it`s also needed to get some training. After that, you can start your career as an Amazon delivery driver.

Important Tools for a successful Amazon delivery driver

For an Amazon delivery driver, the vehicles are your daily tools, besides; you also need to prepare some car repair tools if incidents happened and medicine box for illness on your roads.

Develop your career path

Becoming delivery driver needs outstanding driving skills and being proficient in route in your region, so before applying, the driving experience should be long enough to get this position.

You can first try the position of Amazon Flex driver to work part-time in Amazon and get familiar with the Amazon`s work mode along with making clear of the routes. After that, if you are still interested in this job, the Amazon Logistics delivery associate is the right choice for you, where you can have a full-time job as an Amazon delivery driver to earn a stable income.

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