Career Tips and Guide for Becoming an Online Tutor

Nowadays a growing number of people choose to acquire knowledge online because it is much more affordable and convenient as compared to traditional ways, so online tutors are in great demand. How to be an online tutor? Is it worth? Here's all the information you need, to get started.

Step 1: Understand online tutor descriptions and responsibilities.

Online tutors provide professional or academic assistance to students on PC or Mobile Apps. Tutors can choose a wide range of subjects or skills to teach based upon their strengths. Some tutors may help students with a history homework assignment, and some may teach how to play the guitar. They can benefit from great flexibility and choose when and where to work.

Courses also have multiple types. An online teacher can give one-on-one classes group class, short- or long-term courses. Courses should be systematically structured and designed for the interests and problems of students. Students often get assistance from tutors in forms of text, graphics, audio or video, and communicate via certain platforms or email.

Step 2: Learn Best Tips to become an online tutor

Detailed personal profile

A detailed profile would bring more students because it shows that you are reliable and experienced. Generally, you can decide your work hours and price per class/hour.

Value every review you get

To improve yourselves, you must value students' reviews and make relevant adjustments. The platform could track your performance via reviews. Good reviews would gain you a better reputation and appeal to more students.

Show your personality

Every teacher has his/her teaching style. Try to makes learning not only easier but also full of fun. You can make humor part of your teaching to increase students' involvement and attention. Personal experience is useful, too. Your characters can make a class unique, interesting and creative.

Active discussion with students

A tutor could set up a chat room after class for students to discuss and ask questions. In this way, the tutor can know more about students' needs and provide appropriate support. Students will also feel more engaged during the whole course.

Step 3: View best colleges and universities for an online tutor

Being an online tutor requires professional training and qualifications. Here, we list top colleges and universities of education major for you.

What kind of schools can i choose?

1. Stanford University

Stanford University, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is known as a member of the association of American universities and University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study. The university is filled with rich culture and an academic atmosphere and has mighty teaching staff. Stanford Graduate School of Education has always been an academic center of educational research and teacher training in the United States and a world-renowned educational research institute.

2. Harvard University

Harvard University is a world-renowned private research university and a famous member of the Ivy League. It is the alma mater of 8 presidents and more than 30 winners of the Nobel Prize. Its education school has made a significant international and national impact on talent development, scientific research, and social services, and become a world-class school of education. The school motto is "learn to change the world".

3. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the leading public research universities. It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second oldest institution of higher education in the world. The major of education of Oxford focuses on global higher education theory and practice and aims to cultivate future leaders in academia, policymaking, research, and management.

4.University of Hong Kong

5.University of Pennsylvania

6.University of Cambridge

7.University of California, Berkeley

8.University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

9.niversity of California, Los Angeles

10.University of Wisconsin-Madison

11.Vanderbilt University

12.Peking University

13.University of Helsinki

14.University of Toronto

15.Michigan State University

16.University of Washington


18.Columbia University

19.King's College London

20.University of Texas at Austin

Step 4: Think about whether is it worth to be an online tutor?

The growth of the internet provides a lot of new platforms for online tutoring, and many people choose to follow the trend. Some might ask themselves: Should i become an online tutor?

Being an online tutor is a good opportunity to practice inter-person skills and help you to know yourself better. You need to get out of your comfort zone and instruct others based on previous experience. During the process, you might find yourself having more profound knowledge because teaching keeps you thinking and reviewing. Besides, teaching brings you pleasure and fulfillment. You are making contributions to society by helping your students learn and develop themselves. The best part is that you can decide your availability (whenever and wherever you want) and still earn a decent income.

The cons of being an online tutor are that it takes much time and effort to prepare and practice classes. So if you match the necessary conditions and are willing to spend time, online tutoring is a good option.

Step 5: Prepare relevant skills for an online tutor

Online teaching requires good expression, communication skills, and affinity. You need to practice a lot before a real class, to make sure clear pronunciation and great precision in teaching. Pay close attention to students' respond and always encourage them.

Information processing skill is also quite essential. Tutors often have to deal with a huge amount of information within a distance learning environment. They should have the capability to manage all the information and easily find it whenever needed.

Besides, you should be very familiar with the applications and systems for online teaching in case of some technical problems during the process. Then they can create material like notes in class and efficiently handle students' homework.

Step 6: Find relevant online jobs, and apply it.

To find a job as an online tutor, first of all, you need to decide which subject to teach in your classes, you can choose some aspects you specialize in. Make the best use of your talent and life experience. Just think about some special skills you have and want to share with others.

Next, register on a network teaching platform or apply directly to companies. There are many platforms on the internet to help you get started with no or less charge ( Tutoring language, especially English, is a popular occupation.

After some background investigations, you will get a qualification to gear to take lessons on the platform. Then you should design your course and make courseware like PPT. The platform would manage other things for you, for charging students to paying your salary to a bank account.

Last, students will give reviews on your classes. The review is an important evaluation criterion for your classes.

Develop your career path

Beginners of online teaching are more likely to tutor one student at a time. When they accumulate enough experience and popularity, they can lead an online study group and make more money out of it. If the group has a large scale, course assistants are necessary to manage students and ensure teaching quality.

Then, you could move into further stages of internet education including educational management, course development, and personal consultancy.

Thanks to the development of technology, becoming an online tutor is easier than ever. If you have all the skills and knowledge needed, open your computer and have a try. It is a great opportunity to discover your new ambitions.