Making Interviews Memorable: Using Jokes in the Job Search

A job search is a grueling marathon of submitted applications, empty inboxes, rejections and a lot of waiting.

It's stressful. Sharing updates with some good friends and laughing about the grueling process can help.

In fact, laughter and joking can even help you relax in your interview.

You can't joke about just anything in a professional interview. The last thing you want to do is make anyone uncomfortable, so keeping things light and inoffensive is key.

Make sure these are jokes you could tell to anyone. Being remembered as funny is great. Being remembered as offensive will ruin your chances at the job.

If you're looking for relatable jokes that will make even the grumpiest interviewer crack a smile, try one of these:

Why did the invisible man turn down the job offer? Because he couldn't see himself doing it.

The recruiter asked, "what's your greatest weakness?" The candidate says, "honesty." The recruiter says, "I don't think honesty is a weakness." The candidate says, "well, I don't give a damn what you think."

"This says you're quick at math," says the recruiter. "What's 22 x 19?" "12," says the candidate. "Not even close," says the recruiter. "But it was quick," says the candidate.

When you're in an interview, never tell them about the idiot that used to be your boss. The idiot who is going to be your boss will never forget it.

...Ok, maybe not the last one.

Interviews and job searching can feel like drudgery, but remember that they don't have to be that way.

You're still a human trying to make a good impression. Don't be scared to laugh a little.

A funny, light-hearted joke is a great way to relieve pressure in an interview and throughout your everyday life.

Keeping your sense of humor working is great for your mood and for cheering up coworkers or friends.

Remember, the last thing you want to do is offend someone or hurt their feelings by making an inappropriate joke.

Be considerate and thoughtful when trying to make someone laugh. The fastest way to fail an interview is to come off as someone who isn't mature or professional enough for the job.

Remember the wise words of Bill Murray, "Everything gets better the more you relax." Laughing can help you destress, smile, and be more memorable to people you meet. Job searching is tiring and you can be a source of joy in that boring process.

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