Six Advantages of an Online Degree

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Going back to school is a great way to invest in your future. Learning new skills can lead to better work opportunities and increased income and programs designed to help you attain a short or long term professional goal are helpful in giving you the edge you need in today’s competitive job market.

Finding the right college or professional program is very important. You need to find a school that is affordable and flexible. But finding time for additional learning outside of the workplace presents a significant challenge to most employees. Here we highlight some terrific advantages to pursuing education through online universities.

6. Online degrees have increased credibility in today's work world

Although online degrees were at one time regarded as less desirable than traditional, on-campus programs, they are now perceived to be valuable and relevant in today’s work world. E-learning options are designed with the needs of working adults in mind. They are developed in consultation with experienced professionals in industry and business, ensuring that students learn concepts and methods that are applicable to their particular work environment.

Do your research to make sure that the dollars you invest are going to a reputable institution. It is extremely important to ensure that the degree you pursue is from an accredited university so that it will be recognized and respected by your employer.

5. Set yourself apart with continuing education

Employers are likely to be impressed by your initiative and motivation to take advantage of the Internet to help develop your knowledge and career. Employees who take time to pursue additional education outside of the work place while keeping up daily job duties set themselves apart from their colleagues as ambitious and engaged contributors to the organization’s success.

4. School in an interactive learning environment

Online learning can foster positive student interaction and collaboration. If you need to work with other students on group projects it is much easier with everyone online. Additionally, the online medium ensures that each student has equal access to instructors.

3. Online degree programs of all types are available, including Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate

There are a wide variety of programs available online which can be pursued at the bachelors, masters or doctoral level. Whether it is nursing, education, business management or information technology, a development or an existing career or a whole new departure, there is an online program to suit you. Vocational and certification programs are offered as well and are an affordable option to help round-out your current skills or take them to the next level.

2. Online learning offers a greater level of flexibility than a classroom

With online learning there is a level of flexibility that you cannot achieve with traditional learning venues.

  • Many professionals work irregular hours and must travel during the work week. Online degree program allows students to study where ever and when ever a busy schedule allows.
  • Programs are not organized around classroom availability or the schedules of faculty and staff.
  • Because courses are conducted online, class size does not become an issue and students are no longer denied entry to a class due to over-enrollment.
  • Time used to commute to and from class and making your way around campus is now your time to focus on your studies.
  • Class registration and course payment is all handled electronically.

1. An online education is an affordable option

An online education is an affordable option. Some cost savings associated with online programs include the following:

  • Tuition and fees vary among online universities and the course of study pursued. However, online programs are generally less expensive than traditional college programs.
  • Many employers will provide financial assistance for courses that are job related.
  • Most online programs have financial aid referral programs and will help you get in touch with the resources you need. Some programs provide additional incentives for active or retired US military personnel.
  • In many cases, texts used with online learning are available electronically, resulting in lower material costs.
  • There is also cost savings related to no longer having to pay for transportation costs, meals on the run and childcare.

Good luck with your career advancement, training and earning a higher degree!

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