The 7 Best Job Hunting Apps to Get You Hired

Looking for a Job? There's an App for That

Today’s tsunami of technology means savvy job seekers have jumped on the app wagon in an effort to give themselves the leading edge in the job search process.

Mobile apps allow job seekers to search discreetly for positions – anytime, anywhere – and respond to postings quickly. There are apps that help with career planning, organize the job search process, alert job seekers to compatible positions, and can even upload and send resumes to recruiters.

This article explores the 7 mobile apps (in no particular order) every job seeker should know about.

1. iPQ Career Planner

Name: iPQ Career Planner
Cost: Free, but $0.99 to receive the report
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad
Where to Find: or via iTunes

If you’ve been pounding the pavement with no luck, or if you aren’t quite sure which career path you want to walk down, iPQ Career Planner can help you identify your ideal job and improve your chances of getting it. The 52-question assessment helps you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, shows you how to address them, and suggests matching jobs and careers.

This app is ideal for recent college graduates, those making a job or career transition, or anyone who is reading What Color is My Parachute?

2. Pocket Resume

Name: Pocket Resume
Cost: $2.99
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android
Where to Find:

This app allows you to craft a professionally formatted resume right from your Smartphone. The unique PDF rendering technology means you don’t have to worry about the layout or design – directly from your mobile device.

This is a great tool for busy job seekers who want to quickly and effortlessly update and send resumes while at lunch, on the train, or just about anywhere else at any time.

3. LunchMeet

Name: LunchMeet
Cost: Free
Compatible With: iPhone & iPad (Android app coming soon)
Where to Find: or via iTunes

Networking is still one of the best ways to find a job, but some people simply don’t feel comfortable reaching out to others.

Inspired by the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi, LunchMeet – an app that works through LinkedIn – does all the hard work for you. Just search the location and timeslot of your availability, and LunchMeet will hook you up with others in the same area who are also available for lunch, coffee, or drinks. You can then use the in-app messaging feature to arrange a meeting.

LunchMeet is a great app for networkers looking to boost their careers, land their dream jobs, or get valuable advice from experienced entrepreneurs and consultants.

4. Hidden Jobs

Name: Hidden Jobs
Cost: $0.99
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, Android
Where to Find:, or via iTunes, Google Play

It’s a fact that most jobs – about 80% – can’t be found in the newspaper or on job boards. If you’re waiting for the perfect job to be advertised, chances are you’re too late.

Hidden Jobs tracks close to 2 million unadvertised jobs from organizations that are expanding and making the news. They keep tabs on company job announcements in newspapers, magazines, press releases, and online media, so you don’t have to. This app is ideal for job hunters of all types, from the recent college graduate to the seasoned career professional.

5. BeKnown

Name: BeKnown
Cost: Free
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, Android
Where to Find:, or via iTunes & Google Play

Recently launched by and Monster Worldwide, Inc., BeKnown works with Facebook timeline to allow individuals to create a career identity on Facebook without mixing business with pleasure.

Users can share both educational and professional experience and accomplishments without revealing their friend network and social interactions. Features allow users to recommend colleagues, companies, and schools, and there’s even a Top Employees of Alumni feature that highlights up to 40 companies that employ graduates of a particular school. Customized URLs allow users to boost their visibility in search engine results.

This app is perfect for job seekers of all ages who are regular users of Facebook. More employers check Facebook than any other social networking platform when screening candidates, so you may as well give them something relevant to look at.

6. Real-Time Jobs

Name: Real-Time Jobs
Cost: Free
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Where to Find:, or via iTunes

This app from TwitterJobSearch streamlines the job search process, allowing users to quickly find and apply for positions posted to Twitter. Real-Time Jobs uses the proprietary QuickPitch technology, allowing users to “pitch” themselves in just one tap. Once a job has been found, job seekers can upload a resume, send the employer a link to his or her social media profile, or even upload a video.

Job seekers who want to be able to access lots of jobs quickly – more than 1,000 jobs are posted every hour – can use this in order to get a jump on their competitors.

7. LinkUp

Name: LinkUp
Cost: Free
Compatible With: iPad, iPhone, Android
Where to Find:, or via iTunes & Google Play

Job seekers can go straight to the source using this app, which allows users to search for jobs on company websites using filters such as keywords, company, and location. Save and view previous searches or favorites, apply to jobs directly via your mobile device, or email listings to yourself or others who may be interested.

This is a great one for job seekers looking for up-to-date, "real" jobs that may not be listed on job boards or in the newspaper.

Get on the App Train

The challenging job market combined with the explosion of mobile device sales means more and more apps geared toward the job seeker are being introduced. These apps allow job seekers maximum flexibility – job seekers can now search and apply for jobs anywhere, anytime – as well as quick, real-time access to jobs that may not be posted by traditional means.

It makes sense for job seekers to keep themselves up to date on the latest apps, as those who are behind the app ball may also find themselves left behind in the job market.

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