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Here Are the Most Popular Job Title Searches on for July 2015

What are the Most Popular Jobs on

Wondering which jobs people are searching the most? Well, wonder no more, because we’ve got your answers. With more than 4,000 job titles in our database, people from all over the country come to and use our tools to find out how much jobs are paying. So, what are the most popular jobs, according to We combed through our data for the month of July and came up with the top 10 most-queried searches. And we’ll be back on a monthly basis to update the results so you know which jobs are hot at any given time. Is your job on the most-searched list?

10. Dentist

Median annual salary: $150,889

Better to be a dental student smiling pearly whites at the thought of future paychecks than a patient who will need that expertise. But whoever is searching, dentist is trending at the tail end of the top 10.

9. Personal Trainer

Median annual salary: $55,520

With summer in full swing, many men and women want to get in swimsuit shape. It’s all about the gym and enlisting the help of personal trainers, which means many fitness-oriented people are checking out how much personals trainers make so they can potentially become one.

8. Accounting

Median annual salary: depends on the job title

“Accounting” is search term not for a specific job title, but rather a popular industry. But whether people want to become accountants, actuaries, or auditing managers, it’s clear there’s a big interest in all jobs that fall under the accounting umbrella.

7. Flight Attendant

Median annual salary: $68,207

Clearly people want to know if the people handing out peanuts make — wait for it — peanuts, or not. But clearly at #7 on the most-searched jobs list, becoming a flight attendant is still an alluring occupation for many people.

6. College Professor

Median annual salary: Depends

As people get toward the end of July it’s time to start thinking about hitting the books again, so it makes sense that people are searching out salaries for college professors. Obviously the level of pay is going to depend on many factors including years of experience, tenure, the size of the school, and the subject area, but all those people hoping to become college professors can check that link and find out roughly what they can expect to bring home for a paycheck.

5. Pediatric Physician

Median annual salary: $181,270

As one of many healthcare-related professions on the list, it turns out many people are curious to know what pediatric physicians make for a salary. Whether the searches are being done by soon-to-be doctors or by parents wondering why their co-pays are so high, remains to be seen.

4. Public School Teacher

Median annual salary: $53,183

Searches for public school teacher salaries are consistently in the top 5, and July was no exception. Despite the fact that it’s summer and school is out in most places, people always want to know what teachers make because it’s constantly a hot topic. And for education majors going back to school in September, it’s necessary information. Just don’t be discouraged at the amount, and keep fighting for more pay for teachers!

3. Nurse Practitioner

Median annual salary: $97,448

Nurses. We need them badly and nursing jobs are always a big draw on our site as people considering nursing school and careers in the healthcare industry invariably search for this job title.

2. Engineering

Median annual salary: Depends

Again, this is not an exact job description but it’s a field that was the second-most searched term on our site in the month of July. It’s clear people start here on a catch-all page and then narrow their choices be it chemical engineer, aerospace engineer, electrical engineer, or any other of the many fields under this umbrella.

1. Physical Therapist

Median annual salary: $80,139

The most-searched job out of all 4,000+ job titles and fields in July was physical therapist. As the multitude of Baby Boomers reaches an age of physical decline, physical therapists have become very much in demand, so it makes sense people are going into the field and researching it at a high rate.


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