What Can You Do with A Biochemistry Degree: 11 Career Options

Biochemistry is a science subject that combines the subject of biology and chemistry. The purpose of studying biochemistry is to understand the chemical processes relating to the development of microorganisms.

Graduates with a biochemistry degree will have various opportunities for employment. A large subset of biochemists works in labs, but there are many other career options for what jobs can you get with a biochemistry degree as we will see in this article. Careers may include, but are not limited to:

1. Biochemist

Biochemists are involved in the research of mechanisms and biological systems. Part of their job includes studying the chemistry of living things and their biological processes. These positions often place individuals into pharmaceutical companies for new treatments and drug tests. This biochemistry major job requires graduates with a doctorate degree to qualify for entry-level positions. The average salary of a biochemist is $68,401 in the United States.

2. Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Clinical research associates are the next jobs for jobs with biochemistry degrees. This job exposes graduates to coordinate with data collection and storage during clinical experiments. You will focus on setting up relevant protocols to develop vital medical technologies. CRAs may seek jobs with Clinical Research Organizations, hospitals, or pharmaceutical companies. As of 26th February 2021, the average salary of a clinical research associate is $72,879.

3. Medicinal Chemist

Now, the next career option in line with What Can You Do with A Biochemistry Degree: 11 Career Options is a medicinal chemist. Your job includes conducting research and discovering and arriving at solutions for new drugs. This career often works with other biochemistry-related jobs with the main target of treating illnesses. Although a degree would be sufficient to get this job, employers would prefer applicants with a doctoral degree in chemistry. For medical chemists in the United States, the average salary is $91, 798.

4. Food Scientist

Food scientists can be found studying biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and nutrition all in one. All these are required to understand interactions between different ingredients when developing a food product that is safe to consume. Employers of this position include manufacturing and retail companies, universities, and specialized research organizations. The average salary of food scientists in the States is $62,260.

5. Physician

The next biochemistry major jobs are being a physician. A physician's job responsibility includes treating a range of illnesses and people from all walks of life. They work under the supervision of a doctor and perform similar tasks. It's not the easiest path because after your bachelor's degree, you will need another 4 years of medical school for a medical degree. This career enables you to earn an average of $210,998, topping the list as one of the highest-paid jobs with a biochem degree.

6. Forensic Scientist

If you find criminal investigations interesting, forensic scientists are options for biochemistry majors. Your job consists of collecting and analyzing evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, blood samples, and more. Forensic scientists primarily work on-site or in the laboratory. A biochemistry degree specializing in forensic science is sufficient to find employment in the field. These positions in the United States earn about $69,788 on average, with a range that falls between $61,702 and $80,617.

7. Biotech Sales Representative

If you possess a biochemistry degree but are not pursuing a job in a scientific field, you may consider becoming a biotech sales representative. Many pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies would require employees to sell their products to doctors or hospitals. Some common items include medical devices or medications. Becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative means getting an average of $68,951 as of February 26, 2021.

8. Toxicologist

Toxicologists make the list of good careers with a biochemistry degree. They are experts in toxic materials to identify drugs and chemical compounds in products. They are often employed by the forensics team, pharmaceutical, or chemical companies. With the advancement of modern technology, toxicologists must make sure all chemicals used are disposed of safely. On average, you will be earning $79,842 in the United States.

9. Pharmacist

By getting a biochemistry degree, you can enroll in a two-year pharmacy graduate program and become a pharmacist. Your main responsibility would be to advise patients about medicine prescriptions and educating them about the right dosage. Pharmacists are also in charge of ordering new medicines and doing different administrative tasks. Many pharmacists earn between $130,430 ad $147,440.

10. Chemistry Professor

Fancy teaching? Being teachers are yet another career option of biochemistry major jobs. A chemistry professor is a science instructor who teaches students chemical elements and reactions. High schools or universities typically hire them to educate and inspire students. Successfully chemistry professors apply scientific principles to real-life situations and show sound knowledge in Chemistry. They are able to earn an average of $104,548 with a range between $81,863 and $178,633.

11. Biomedical Engineer

The final jobs with a biochemistry degree are to become a biomedical engineer. They are required to design new technologies to be used in healthcare settings. An example would be to come up with new computer systems for hospitals after rounds of tests. This job requires not only an understanding of biochemistry but also computer science and engineering in particular. So, if you're graduating with a biochemistry degree, you will likely have to complete other coursework to become a biomedical engineer. All the hard work will be paid off as you will be earning an average of $118,890.

As you can see, there are plenty of careers with a biochemistry degree. Many of the jobs above involve laboratory work and research. As biochemistry is an essential field, jobs for biochemistry majors will not deplete.

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