What Jobs Are Likely to Take a Pay Cut during Coronavirus?

The epidemic not only effects people health but it effects the work place as well, and that's the reason much more time is required to start back the normal routine work. Behind this scenario there are issues of corporate survival and wages.

Many industries have faced adjustments during the outbreak and several industries have been hit hard by COVID-19, in result their operations are facing great snags, which has led to many workers' salary cuts and even unemployment. During the time of the coronavirus, what jobs are likely to take a pay cut?

1. company executives

Bass Pro Shops, a popular hunting and fishing chain, has cut the salaries of managers who run distribution centers and Shops, even though they remained open during the coronavirus pandemic. Store managers, distribution center managers and other salaried employees will see their salaries cut by 7% to 15%, according to a memo to employees obtained by Forbes.

McDonald's other top executives, including its chief financial officer, President of McDonald's USA, President of McDonald's international operations and general counsel and secretary, will see their base pay cut by 25%. Airline and hotel executives were among the first to announce pay cuts during the coronavirus pandemic crisis as many of their employees faced layoffs. Yum Brands also announced that chief executive David Gibbs will skip his $900,000 base salary this year and use the money to pay $1,000 bonuses to executives at Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC. Tim Boyle, President and CEO of Columbia sportswear, cut his salary to $10,000 so the company's 3,500 employees can continue to receive their regular pay.

2. auto workers

The industry continues to adapt to the impact of Covid-19 updates. Automakers suspended the production lines across North America to ensure workers' safety during the 19th crisis (and to avoid overproduction during a downturn in demand), in addition auto workers were asked to file for unemployment benefits, take paid sick leave, and take other unusual actions. Starting April 13, Tesla announced that all "non-essential employees" would be laid off and other employees would have their pay cut. Reuter's reports that the pay cuts -- 10 percent for workers, 20 percent for directors and 30 percent for vice presidents -- will last until the end of June.

3. flight attendants

Delta plans to cut workers' hours and wages despite the protection of the coronavirus stimulus, according to leaked memos. United and other airlines are doing the same thing, and delta, American, united, southwest and others are actually taking home less money than they used to, despite wage subsidies in the coronavirus stimulus. Depending on flight attendants' normal working hours, their take-home pay will fall by about 20-35%.

4. Projectionist

Cinemas have been hit hard by the outbreak. The union leader said that a new contract approved by projectionists at 49 Plitt theaters in the Chicago area calls for a 25 percent pay cut for the 325 projectionists who work there and about 120 layoffs. The job cuts and pay cuts will be phased in over the life of the contract. Hourly earnings will be reduced by $16.25 to $18 over four years and by $25,000 to $30,000 in the fourth year.

5. Football players

Football clubs rely on ticket sales, museum visits and shirt sales, but those revenues have all fallen sharply. The crisis will have a negative impact on the football industry and the sports industry as a whole. The absence of sporting events during the outbreak will lead to a sharp drop in club revenues and a pay cut for players.

6. chefs

As the outbreak continues, the offline restaurant industry has suffered a major blow. The salaries of chefs may go down.

7. waiters

Like chefs, offline services have been hit hard, with most people opting for isolation at home rather than going out. Waiters are expected to face a pay cut.

8. ticket sellers/travel agents

During the outbreak, most people chose to stay at home rather than travel. Not only the tourism industry, cinemas, long-distance transport industry has been affected, scenic spot conductors, cinema conductors, subway conductors and so on are facing the plight of pay cuts and even unemployment. In the short term, these jobs can be poorly paid.

9. The tour guides

A prolonged downturn in tourism will leave many tour guides in dire straits, facing pay cuts or unemployment.

10. Zookeepers

The Oakland zoo in California -has spent a third of its $4.5 million reserve fund to provide the needed care and food for its animals.

Since the zoo closed in mid-march, it has laid off 110 part-time workers, nearly two-thirds of its staff. According to the San Francisco gate, wages for animal keepers and veterinarians have been cut by 20 percent, and wages for managers have been cut by 40 percent.

The President and chief executive said:"the cuts were meant to ensure that the zoo's 700 animals were still fed and cared for".

11. Zoo executives

Like zookeepers, they are also facing pay cut.

There are voices of support and opposition to the wage cut. In the face of the disaster, the whole country is in the teeth, even the downstairs husband and wife shops, are trying to survive, every industry from the boss to the staff are actively discussing the countermeasures.

But some economists say that with discretionary spending severely curtailed by the shutdown, it's easy to determine how much money you absolutely need to live on. That should leave more gaps. This gap can be used to make up some of the investment gap.

Maybe this is also a good opportunity to think about life, which means the adjustment of career and the choice of industry. Perhaps people who have cut their wages after this outbreak will have a different vision of life and different choice. In the case of covid-19, a series of jobs are subject to adjustment, and regardless, salary is always a consideration when choosing a career.

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