11 of the Worst Bosses Ever

by Salary.com Staff - Original publish date: March 9, 2015

Twitter Had a Lot to Say About Bad Bosses

You think your boss is bad? Read the #WorstBossIn5Words Twitter hashtag that took place last week and see if you still think you have it bad.

If you haven't watched Comedy Central's @midnight TV show, you should start. It's hysterical and one of the most popular segments is called #HashtagWars, during which the show puts out a topic and pores over the replies that come in in real time. Last week, the topic was #WorstBossIn5Words, and -- as the name implies -- asked readers to use a five words to describe the worst boss they can imagine. The results were equal parts hilarious, frightening, and in some cases mind-boggling.

Since we're all about work, employees, and bosses, we combed through the tweets and picked some of the funniest, most frightening, and cringe-worthy of the bunch for your entertainment. So enjoy.

11. Work the Weekend

Hey, you didn't have plans right? Not that it matters to the boss who frequently tells you on Friday afternoon he'll need you to come in on Saturday morning.

10. Breach of Bathroom Etiquette

Nope. This is not cool. Ever.

9. Finger Quotes

Too few people know how to use air quotes properly.

8. Daddy Dearest

Nothing like good old-fashioned nepotism.

7. Chokes in Big Moments

Hey, we're based in Massachusetts. We had to throw this one in there. Thanks again, Pete!

6. Go Font Yourself

There's a special placed in Hell reserved for bosses who type out memos in Comic Sans!

5. Vermin


4. Dirty Jobs

If you work for this boss, your career is in the crapper. Your job is circling the drain. Insert additional feces joke here.

3. (Don't) Take Me to Church

Well, the silver lining is you'll probably never have to work on Sundays.

2. Rub Downs

No one likes the sketchy massage guy.

1. The Dark Side

While this is science fiction, a lot of bosses do seem to harness Vader. They just choke the life out of you much more gradually over the course of years.

Even With a Bad Boss, You Have to Negotiate

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