7 Job Search Tips for the New Year

by Salary.com Staff - Original publish date: December 17, 2014

Do You Have a Blueprint for Job Search Success?

Like a brand-new day, 2015 is peeping over the horizon, promising changes to come. Now’s a great time to pause in your job search, set new goals, and find ways to keep established goals fresh as you map out where you want your career to go in the new year.

Question: do you have a 2015 career blueprint? And why would you need one, anyway? Well, working without a job-search plan can set you up for a lot of frustration and can stall forward motion in your career. Instead of losing ground trying to figure things out willy-nilly, pause now and set a strategic course that will position you to find healthy flexible work arrangements and determine the best job options for you.

Use these seven strategies to help you embrace new career changes with confidence!

7. Update Your Career Vision

Things change, life changes, and your vision for where your career is headed in the short- and long-term should change as well. Do yourself a great favor by staying nimble. If you have a list of career goals (and if you don't, you should create one), take time now to re-assess, revise, and update based on new-year aspirations.

6. Grow Your Network

Go over the list of contacts in your professional network. Is it up to date? Do you need to delete old contacts and add new ones?

A new year is a great time to find ways to grow your network. Consider attending networking events, perusing networking sites, cleaning up your social media profiles, and using social platforms to discover new contacts in your profession.

5. Look for Flexible Work

If you’ve been seeking a healthier work-life balance, a new year offers fantastic opportunities to press ahead with your efforts to find flexible work that fits your renewed career goals.

Work-life balance options can help you take greater control in 2015 of the the professional and personal relationships that matter most to you.

4. Work the Numbers

Set numerical goals.

These could involve the number of resumes you plan to send out within a given time frame, the number of informational interviews you set up with professionals in your targeted career field, or even the number of times you meet with people for coffee or at “meet-up” kinds of events.

3. Refresh Your Skills

There’s nothing like learning something new to open up your mind to new ways of thinking and to open your career to new pathways.

Consider courses that offer an opportunity to learn a completely new skill, or try deepening a skill set that you already possess. And don’t forget about honing your “soft skills” to make yourself even more marketable.

2. Get Into the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Tapping into your entrepreneurial instincts can really rev up your career in the new year and get you thinking in unexpected, inspirational ways. If you’re thinking that 2015 is the time to launch your big idea, or branch off into a freelance business, taking in great tips for mompreneurs and others can get your self-employment juices going.

1. Remain Open to Unexpected Opportunities

As great as it is to have a career development plan in mind, leave space to stay open to unanticipated opportunities and unexpected twists and turns that could take your career into a completely new direction. Have a plan, work it, but be ready for wonderful changes in the year ahead!


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