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by Staff - Original publish date: October 23, 2015

You’re probably in a fantasy football league. If your league is really competitive, you’ve probably spent a lot of time researching the best players for your team by buying magazines, studying depth charts, analyzing position rankings, or soliciting advice from experts on Twitter.

If all this is true, you’ve probably heard of Dave Richard.

As the Senior Fantasy Writer for, Dave has a job most sports fans and stat-obsessed fantasy football geeks envy---he gets paid to watch professional football and then discuss it. Dave is paid to pick out the best players in the NFL and estimate how they will perform each week for fantasy football aficionados engrossed in an industry now worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year. He then passes on that information to fantasy football participants, who rely on him to assist with decisions regarding which players to start/sit in a given week.

In this week’s special Dream Jobs edition of “Salary Talk,” Aaron teams up with Product Manager Patrick Siska to interview Dave and find out how someone ends up writing about fantasy football for a living. Dave gives us a day-in-the-life look at what he does on a daily basis, talks about how he ended up working in this field and dishes out some great advice on how other people interested in this field can get involved.

Think this job is a cakewalk? You might not be so sure after listening to this podcast. And make sure you listen until the end, because Dave may or may not have some advice on who take #1 overall next year!

Salary Talk Podcast with Dave Richard  by Salary_Talk

To learn more about Dave Richard, check out his work at CBS Sports and listen to his fantasy football podcasts on iTunes. You can also follow him on Twitter and's Fantasy page on Facebook.

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