How to Find Your Next Job in 1 Day

by Staff - Original publish date: October 26, 2015

What do employers look for when hiring for positions? The answer, according to career coach and job expert Rick Gillis, is value.

Gillis, author of "Jobs!: Learn How to Find Your Next Job in 1 Day," is this week's podcast guest, and tells Aaron & Wendy that if you want to get hired there's one surefire way to do it -- prove to them that you provide the greatest value. If you're qualified and you've been on countless job interviews with no luck, you're probably blaming the hiring managers. But the hard truth is there's a good chance it might be your fault. If you don't bother to learn the rules of the job search and adapt accordingly, all of your impressive credentials and awards don't matter if you aren't marketing yourself correctly and specifically for the position to which you're applying.

But Gillis doesn't stop there. He fully admits "resumes are unfair," which is why he's also got resume tips and even advice for getting around that pesky resume-scanning software that weeds out people based on keywords. Do you know the difference between short- and long-form resumes and when to use each? Have you developed an "Accomplishments Worksheet?" Are you a job-hunter older than 50 who has been discriminated against repeatedly?

If so, this short but info-packed podcast presents a hyper-focused, easy-to-implement set of job-hunting instructions you can use immediately to help you get a job now.

Salary Talk Podcast with Rick Gillis by Salary_Talk

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