Goal Play: Leadership Lessons from the Soccer Field

by Salary.com Staff - Original publish date: October 23, 2015

At first glance, coaching girls youth soccer doesn't have anything to do with running a multimillion-dollar company. But in his more than two decades of coaching, Paul Levy has taught (and learned) lessons on the soccer field that directly apply to successful leaders everywhere.

Levy, the former CEO of a world-renowned hospital and the man who spearheaded the massive clean-up of Boston Harbor, wrote the recently released "Goal Play: Leadership Lessons from the Soccer Field," in which he reaches deep into his vault of memorable coaching moments and draws out leadership lessons that apply to everyone from the C-suite down. Equal parts poignant and pertinent, Levy seamlessly weaves his life as a coach on the soccer field in with his vast personal leadership experience, giving helpful tips along the way to current and prospective leaders, as well as employees.

Levy provides insight on supporting your team's different modes of learning, understanding the power and limitations of team play, and recognizing how to guide your team to victory without eviscerating them for mistakes they will inevitably make. His anecdotes both on and off the soccer field provide valuable lessons to leaders everywhere, who strive to enable their colleagues to learn individually and collectively.

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