How to Get Along with (Almost) Anyone at Work

by Staff - Original publish date: October 26, 2015

Quick -- what's your most important business skill? Give up? It's your personality. And until you understand what personality type you are and how you can successfully mesh with others, you'll never truly reach your maximum potential.

That's the message from Kate Ward, author of "Personality Style at Work: The Secret to Working with (Almost) Anyone," who uses a personality style model that categorizes people into distinct categories based on qualities such as assertiveness and expressiveness. As this week's guest on Salary Talk, Kate explains the different personality styles to Wendy and Aaron, and explains why it's so important to be able to identify not only your own personality style, but the styles of your bosses and coworkers as well.

This book helps you excel in virtually any workplace situation. Whether you're a manager, salesperson, customer service professional, or an entry-level employee, you’ll learn why others behave as they do in specific situations and how to use that knowledge to turn every interpersonal encounter into a win-win scenario. Yes, even your boss with whom you can barely breathe the same air.

Listen to this podcast for some free advice, then buy the book and take all the great assessments to find out more about yourself and others.

Salary Talk Podcast with Kate Ward by Salary_Talk

To learn more about today's guest: To learn more about Kate Ward and the book, go to the Personality Style at Work website. You can also follow her on Twitter (@PersonalitySAW) and Facebook.