How to Negotiate Salary in Your 40s

by Staff - Original publish date: October 22, 2014

If you’ve elevated into management, you can often negotiate higher bonuses, stock options, and profit sharing, tying your performance into the success of the overall company. Since you may have put your stake down on a house, priorities change in that you might take a job that’s closer to home, has a less brutal commute, or allows you flextime to work from a home office a few times per week. And with your kids reaching school play and Disneyland age, you’ll want to lobby for more vacation to keep up your work-life balance.

For those not ready to throw in the flag on middle age just yet, many pros decide now is the time to go the entrepreneur route and forge out on their own. With a little money in the bank and 2+ decades of experience, it could be the perfect time to be your own boss.