How to Work for an Idiot

by Staff - Original publish date: October 23, 2015

So you have an idiot boss. Now what?

Dr. John Hoover is the author of "How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive Without Killing Your Boss," and this week he talks to Aaron and Wendy about what to do if---like so many of us have at one point or another---you work for an idiot. But while some people might read the title and assume this one big kvetching session about bad bosses, they're wrong.

Hoover knows about Idiot Bosses because---well, he used to be one. That's why he's well-qualified to offer up tips such as NEVER badmouth the boss. Think about it: would you rather be known as the employee who talks behind people's backs or the employee who always strives to mend fences and prosper even in difficult circumstances? That's why as tempting as it might be to tell your boss off or battle him/her with heavy doses of sarcasm, you're actually not doing yourself any favors.

Also, Hoover makes a compelling case for taking pity on your Idiot Boss. After all, bosses are usually star performers who were promoted. They are taken out of their comfort zone and the job about which they are passionate, offered more money and a corner office and launched into the unfamiliar world of management for which they may or may not be prepared. Simply put, your boss might be as miserable as you are.

But whether you're dealing with a "Machiavellian Boss" or a boss whose indifference and mismanagement has turned your office into a scene from "The Walking Dead," Hoover has tips for identifying the problem and then fixing it so you don't dread coming into work everyday.

Take the first step in neutralizing your idiot boss by listening to this podcast.

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