Real Life Salaries of The Apprentice Finalists

by Staff - Original publish date: January 18, 2012

Kendra wins Apprentice 3!!

Another riveting season of "The Apprentice" is over and has not disappointed with bigger boardrooms, louder candidates, and more innovative challenges. Reality TV buffs have long forgotten last season's winner and now turn their attention to the showdown between the Book Smarts and the Street Smarts. Along with the prestige of becoming president of one of The Donald's companies, this season's Apprentice will earn a hefty $250,000 yearly salary from Trump. But have you ever wondered what the apprentices are making at their day jobs? Perhaps it is more than what Trump is willing to pay them. We scoped the salaries that all but one of this season's apprentices will have to go home to when they are fired.

Reality Realty

The majority of this season's candidates work in the real estate sector; that is, when they are not busy being chewed out by Trump and his associates. Six of the original 18 candidates live in the shadow of real estate mogul Trump at their day jobs. Fired Street Smart real estate tycoons include Kristen, a Los Angeles Real Estate Financier cut in Week 4 for her poor performance on the Dove commercial, and Brian, a New Jersey Real Estate Broker terminated for his brash tone and poor leadership in Week 2. Audrey, a 22-year-old Street Smart Real Estate Agent from Salt Lake City was also fired in Week 7 because, although she was good-looking, she was not well-respected by her team. The Book Smarts lost Boston Real Estate Developer Michael in Week 5; fired because he was lazy and claimed to be just like Trump, who is not lazy. Kendra, a Book Smart Real Estate Broker from FL lives, but the fiery, tobacco-chewing Chris, a Street Smart Real Estate Investor from Las Vegas, suffered a tearful goodbye in Week 12.

Check out the real life salaries of some of these real estate stars below:

Kendra- Boynton Beach, FL Real Estate Broker

Michael- Boston Real Estate Developer

Audrey- Salt Lake City Real Estate Agent

Brian- Wildwood, NJ Real Estate Broker

Some of these candidates have been making some extra money on the side, however. Kendra runs her own land acquisition business, while Brian made millions selling glow-in-the-dark necklaces.

From The Courtroom to The Boardroom

Donald had three attorney recruits this season, but fired them all. Bren with the bowtie, an Assistant District Attorney General in Tennessee, somehow survived until Week 13 despite poor leadership and a racy commercial idea. Bren was eventually axed for being too conservative. Alex of Seattle and Erin of Philly are also both attorneys. Erin was canned in Week 9 for her sarcasm in the boardroom. Alex choked in the Final Four by lying in the boardroom about his record as project manager, which was a disaster.

Check out the real life salaries of Trump's fired legal team:

Alex- Seattle Attorney

Bren- Memphis Prosecutor

Erin- Philadelphia Attorney

Firing The Guy That Owns The Place

While Trump may be in the business of firing people these days, some of his candidates this season are in a different business. Book Smart disaster Danny, a Boston Marketing Technology Firm owner, was terminated in Week 3 because he was well, bad at marketing. Verna, a Book Smart Business/Product Manager from Seattle, wasn't fired. She actually quit, robbing The Donald of his big chance to squash her dreams in the boardroom. The Street Smarts have also lost some of their business-savvy candidates, including John, a Florida Technology Firm Owner, ousted in Week 8 because he was bad at negotiating. Angie, a California Gym Franchise Owner,was fired in Week 11 after she choked during a presentation. Craig, a Georgia Shoeshine Business Owner, was fired after the interviews.

Check out some of their real life salaries:

Danny- Boston Marketing Tech Firm Owner

Verna- Seattle Business/Product Manager

Other People To Fire

The remaining recruits of this season work in a variety of different fields. According to Trump, some should stick to their day jobs. Or should they? Todd, a Book Smart Insurance Sales Manager, was fired right off the bat because he couldn't sell cheeseburgers, while Street Smart Tara, a New York state government Community Relations Manager, was cut in Week 6 because her Harlem video-game graffiti ad wasn't aesthetically pleasing to the community. Iowa Sales Executive Tana made it to the Final 2, but San Diego Supply Chain Consultant Stephanie was fired in Week 10 when Trump realized that he didn't want her as part of his chain of command.

Check out what these candidates will be making when they go home:

Tara- NYC Government Official

Todd- Carlsbad, CA Insurance Sales Manager

Tana- Des Moines Sales Executive

Stephanie- San Diego Supply Chain Consultant

So we learned that some of this season's apprentices are making close to the $250K that Trump is willing to pay them in salary, while others have investments and trust funds on the side that generate a lot of income. It is safe to say that taking a few weeks off to do a reality show is not going to ruin any of this group's livelihoods. Perhaps the candidates are in it for something other than the $250K, like TV/radio appearances, lucrative speaking engagements, ad campaigns, and tell-all books like that of the notorious Omarosa. The trick is to avoid being labeled "a disaster" or "just horrible" by The Donald, tags that may live with you for the rest of your professional career.