Secret Job Interview Techniques That Will Get You Hired

by Staff - Original publish date: October 26, 2015

Do you have a big presentation at work? Are you giving an important speech to hundreds or thousands of people? If so, chances are you spent a considerable time preparing. So why aren't you expending that same level of effort preparing for your job interview?

Carole Martin is this week's podcast guest, as she discusses her book "Boost Your Interview IQ: Proven Techniques That Will Get You the Job." The book consists of dozens of commonly asked job interview questions, accompanied by three answers from which you can choose the one you think answers the question best. From there, Martin's analysis of which answers are best and why, lead you to a better understand of what hiring managers look for during interviews.

Are you familiar with behavioral and/or situational interviewing? Do you know the proper mechanics of storytelling that will better position you for landing the job? Are you armed with your "key factors" prior to the interview? And which "transferable skills" should you be touting to prospective employers?

Whether you're a grizzled job search veteran or dipping your toes into the hiring waters for the first time, Martin has some great, free advice for every ilk of job-seeker.

Salary Talk Podcast with Carole Martin by Salary_Talk

To learn more about today's guest: Click here to learn more about Carole Martin's book "Boost Your Interview IQ." To check out her "Interview Coach" website featuring multiple tools and job interview services, click here. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.