Take the Mint

by Salary.com Staff - Original publish date: December 5, 2011

Dear Annette,

How do I know whether I'm the one with bad breath? And if it's me, what can I do about it?

Minty in Montana

Dear Minty,

On the Internet no one knows what you smell like, although my dog Dickie is eagerly awaiting the day he can introduce the line of downloadable fragrances he's been working on ever since the lawn started to thaw. But if your business is in the realm of Atoms, rather than Bits, it's reasonable to want to present yourself in the best light and the freshest air.

How Sexy is the Sexiest Man Alive if he turns heads in the other direction when he opens his mouth to speak? How well Supported is the Best Supporting Actress if the person handing her the Oscar can tell she had three martinis in the Bentley? Even though the television audience won't notice, the people at the Scene do. And to win the award for Most Enviable Celebrity, you've got to be fabulous on the Scene.

Let information be your friend. If things taste different in your mouth, that's a warning that your Presentation may be in jeopardy. And whenever someone hands you a breath mint, take it. Breath mints rarely work, but in taking the mint you are taking the hint.

Parsley is a miracle food that not only makes a great miniature topiary, but also is a natural breath freshener. Ask for extra in a restaurant if you're unsure.

And of course, drink plenty of water, that precious fluid. Water is like moisturizer for the inside. Mineral water, sparkling water, with a squeeze of lime, with or without ice. Water puts back some of the defenses caffeine and alcohol take out of your body. I drink almost constantly.

Visit your healthcare professional if the problem is chronic. And proper oral hygiene is a must. I visit my dentist twice a month. Sometimes he looks at my teeth.

Stay fabulous,