10 Worst Ways To Spend Your Salary This Wedding Season

by Salary.com Staff - Original publish date: December 5, 2011

1. Re-Gifting Anything!

First off, if you didn’t like it, what makes you think they will. Secondly, wouldn’t it be awful to get caught re-gifting the gift they gave you!

2. Duplicate Gifts

Make sure to look at the registry before buying something. There’s nothing worse than getting twenty toasters.

3. Perishable Food

Don’t forget the couple will likely be going on a honeymoon for at least a week!

4. Useless Books

They might be a little insulted to receive a book on how to make a marriage work.

5. Inappropriate Gifts

There’s a time and a place, but a wedding is neither!

6. A piece of art

Art is very personal. You run the risk of getting something the couple doesn’t like, but feels obligated to display.

7. Yard ornaments

Especially when they have a studio apartment in the city.

8. Cleaning Supplies

The message you are sending is either a). they need to clean their house, or b). housework is woman's work.

9. Tacky knick-knacks

Chances are they’ll end up in the attic, basement or trash can.

10. Grandma’s Old Lamp

The retro seventies lamp will most likely join the tacky knick-knacks in the trash.