Top Jobs for Retirees (Slideshow)

by Staff - Original publish date: January 18, 2012

Today's seniors may either feel the pinch of the economy or be bored at home initiating the desire to return to the workforce. Volunteer work has been the standby for many retirees, but many are looking for second careers and, in some cases, a way to supplement their retirement income.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 percent of Americans 55 years and older will be working by 2015. Many post-retirees want to utilize their experience while allowing part-time or flexible hours.

Here we suggest some employment alternatives for seniors looking to get back into the workforce.

Office - Clerical jobs for retirees

Many corporate and small business offices have job-sharing programs for their office/clerical employees. Some great part-time office jobs include Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, and General Clerk. This can be a great part-time job for retirees because you only have to work four or five hours each day, and you can typically choose your shifts or rotate them with other employees. Employers benefit by not having to pay benefits to the part-time staffers.

Assistant Librarian Jobs for Retirees

You might consider a part-time job as an assistant librarian. The hours tend to be flexible although the pay is not extremely high. Generally you do not need any previous experience to work as an assistant librarian. However, due to low funding, some small libraries will work only with volunteers. Consider pursuing a job in a university or specialty library where the pay rates might be higher.

Substitute Teaching Job

School systems are often looking for reliable substitute teachers. If you think you possess the patience required to assist in the classroom, this job might provide the flexibility that you need. Substitute teacher requirements may differ form state to state, so be sure to research specific requirements in your area.

Medical Records Transcriptionist -part time job

Medical Records Transcriptionists transcribe medical dictation by physicians and other medical practitioners pertaining to patients' assessment, diagnostics, therapy, and other medical reports. Often, employees are required to have taken coursework in medical terminology. Many of these jobs are offered on a part-time basis and as a home-based work opportunity.

Consultant and Freelance Work

If you enjoy setting your own pace and your own hours, consulting is a great part-time job for retirees. You don't have to take any job that doesn't interest you and you can put your personal expertise to good use. Some consultants work for themselves while others find part-time work with large corporations.

If you're technologically inclined, you can start a consulting business with your home computer. If you enjoy writing, there are many online writing opportunities to explore. If you create arts and crafts, check with your local Chamber of Commerce to find art associations that offer arts and crafts shows in your area so you can market your artwork and/or handicrafts.