Do Americans Still Value Hard Work?

New Survey Examines Workers’ Ever-Changing Relationship With Our Jobs

Has America's Relationship with Work Shifted?

America is a country that has long prided itself on sweat, determination and hard work. We love stories about people putting in the hours, working harder than everyone else, and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps to enjoy financial success. Historically that’s been true, but is it still the case?

This country has changed dramatically over the years, but we wanted to find out if Americans still value work the way they used to. So we sent out our “Working Study” survey, and nearly 3,000 of you answered. 

Do we live to work as our grandparents and great-grandparents did, putting in countless hours and living a life largely defined by what we do for a living? Or do we work to live, clocking in to jobs mainly so we can pay the bills? Are we lazier than people in other parts of the world? Are older workers more committed than young people? Which industry cares about work the most?

Find out whether we, as a country, are driven by our work or if work is a place we simply have to drive to in order to make ends meet. Some of the answers might surprise you.