How Much Money Should Moms Be Paid?

For the 13th Year, Reveals Its Annual "Mom Salary"

8. Psychologist

Annual Median Salary: $79,100

Stay-at-home moms: 7.3 hours per week
Working moms: 6 hours per week

We realize actual psychologists go to school for years and receive training many moms simply don't possess. But bear with us.

As a mom -- especially when your kids approach the tween and then teen years -- you might not be a trained psychologist but you'll most likely feel like an honorary one after your kids traverse the minefield that is childhood. You'll need to guide them on bullying -- both dealing with the emotional trauma of it and how to react to it. You'll be their sounding board on broken hearts, bad grades, ending friendships, and countless other problems for which kids need your counsel.

"Last week my 10-year-old asked me why someone would bomb a marathon, and was scared that someone would bomb the local 5k race her father is running next month," said Kathy, a mother of two from Rhode Island. "Being honest with kids while still making sure they feel protected is pretty hard."

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