's Mother of the Year: 1 Year Later

A year ago the Winn family was dealing with unemployment and mounting medical bills that were threatening their financial security. But today, they're going to Disney World.

Jennifer Winn is the Oklahoma wife and mom of two kids who won last year's "Mother of the Year" contest, sponsored by In addition to the esteemed title which she received on the Kathie Lee & Hoda show, also presented her with a check for $112,000 -- the amount of last year's Mom Salary -- which helped float them until the family found more solid footing.

"We were in a situation we had never been in before and that just helped us out immensely," said Jennifer via telephone recently. "We're still just so thankful."

Jennifer's husband Kenneth, a US Navy veteran, had recently undergone the amputation of leg following a motorcyle accident. During his hospital stay he was fired from his job, leaving Jennifer -- a florist -- as the sole breadwinner and primary caregiver for Kenneth and their two kids. They had already borrowed money from relatives and with vital home and car repairs looming, Jennifer said she honestly didn't know what was next.

But now, with the prize money in hand, they were able to catch up on bills and the money floated them long enough for Kenneth to get a prosthetic leg and find another job in the telecommunications field. Now the family is back on their feet and even have a little extra for a family vacation to Disney World later this year.

So what will Jennifer receive this year for Mother's Day that could possibly top $112,000 and Mother of the Year?

"My husband and kids tell me they don't have to get me anything now after last year," Jennifer said. "But we'll see."

To see how much you or your mom would be paid, go to our Mom Salary Wizard and print out a check for Mother's Day!