Salary Negotiation: Separating Fact from Fiction

New Survey Highlights the Fear & Stigma Surrounding Salary Negotiation

Are the Fears Founded?

We surveyed employees and employers separately, and found there's a disconnect between what both sides think.

Among employees, 38% of those surveyed think companies will harbor resentment or be offended by the decision to negotiate either a job offer or a pay raise. But when asked about their personal experiences, only 4% claimed they were fired or demoted after asking for a raise, and just 19% said they lost a job offer during the interview stage when they decided to negotiate for more money.

But on the other side of the negotiating table, 73% of employers agreed they are not offended when people negotiate. Furthermore, a whopping 84% said they always expect job applicants to negotiate salary during the interview stage. But most importantly, 87% said they've never rescinded a job offer following negotiations during the interview, and no employers -- that's zero percent -- reported demoting or firing an existing employee simply for asking for a raise.